Mg ZS car owners 6117 km feel good?Listen to the owner

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Reasoning, tossing and turning, the most satisfactory or mg ZS appearance level, the level of the car’s appearance, as I am unable to resist, SUV standard figure, body proportion coordination, car is very wide and very full, especially in the 45 degree Angle is very angular, headlight external contour is very sharp,The interior structure is exquisite and is made up of LED daylights and LED headlights. The intake net is hexagonal in shape, and the black is mysterious. The silver MG logo is located in the center, and the decoration of fog lights also adds something fierce to this car.Because the special needs of work, so I just choose suvs, 1 ~ 2 times every week village road or township roads, road conditions need not I said, running past knows, all kinds of handbags, craters in some places are soil and sand, I think the mg ZS suspension is a bit hard but also is not very good, the sound insulation of the chassis stone hit above tinkling sound obvious,Driving on such a surface can be a bit uncomfortable.This car is my own choice and I’m thoughtful, mg brand is a bit small, but word of mouth and quality are worthy of trust, I have a cousin jue 6, have opened three or four years, in addition to the normal maintenance, it’s no problem, so I just choose the mg ZS, the car won’t let me down.5 points in space is enough, as the size of a small SUV wheelbase nearly 2.6 meters, in front of the space and the back row space is carried out in accordance with the best proportion design, in the front seats around the world have the freedom to move, the rear seat can fold down again, there is a big adjustment on space, so whether it is a family to use, or work can satisfy my needs.This 1.5-liter engine is poor in the explosive power output, the overall power output process is very smooth, with the change of throttle, power and speed are constantly changing and in a certain linear proportion, sometimes open air conditioning, sometimes full load have no impact on the power.I am satisfied with the handling of this car. The leather steering wheel has a good texture, and it is very light when driving left and right. The electric power helps me save energy.It has been running in for a period of time, and it has been doing well and stable recently. It still keeps the same track every week. Now, the total mileage is more than 6,000 kilometers, which should be divided equally between urban areas and highways.Four points I’m not too happy with the car’s comfort, the main chassis is sound insulation is not good, the front and rear suspension on the set-up is not very delicate, driving on the bumpy road feedback, obviously, must control the speed, or they will feel uncomfortable, the seat is very comfortable, and the sound quality is very good also, alto and bass share very clear.I have already said a lot about the level of appearance of this car, it is really love, I will not accept any refutation.4 points the interior of this car, I can accept, but I think there is still some room for improvement, the new car smell treatment is not thorough, there is some rough workmanship, some local gusset gap is not too uniform, but do not look carefully can not come out.The price ratio of this car is very high. The naked car price of about 90,000 yuan is also inexpensive among the small SUVs of domestic brands at the same level.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)