Kaifeng uncle rush about for the truth, the insider exposed its suffering from cerebral infarction, and Du Xinzhi Xiong Lei close relationship

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In the process of finding the truth, uncle Kaifeng is still quite active.To say kaifeng uncle for the truth about the rush, insiders exposed their brain stem, and Du Xinzhi Xiong Lei close relationship!Before, kaifeng uncle’s wife and daughter died unexpectedly, the specific death, kaifeng uncle did not say much, just said that the death of his wife and daughter, with 28 events or has a close relationship.In the 28 incident, many people are involved in the discussion of this matter, we all hope to wait for the truth of the day.An insider exposed kaifeng uncle suffered from cerebral infarction, with Du Xinzhi Xiong Lei this pair of mother-in-law or very close relationship.As we all know, Du Xinzhi is Yao Ce’s biological mother, but when Yao Ce needs to be donated liver, it is not to see du Xinzhi couple to make any efforts for this, as if yao Ce is really no feelings.Xiong Lei’s words, now there is a son Kai Kai, the child was young without a father, really or quite tragic, as to whether Xiong Lei will choose to remarry, is also an unknown.Kaifeng uncle, as Xu Min’s own brother, is willing to run here and there for xu Min’s affairs, can only say that this family is still very focused on family affection.Can kaifeng uncle in all kinds of busy, their families have paid the price of their lives, but Yao Wei Tian Jing and Xu Ma Yao dad thank kaifeng uncle from the heart, this is also to let everyone more confused things.Kaifeng uncle’s age is not small, running around is still very energy!There are still few people who say they are ill like Lao Du did, only to be flushed every time they appear. As for uncle Kaifeng’s illness exposed by insiders, I really hope it is not true this time!This event really hate those against the anchor, day after day, random said, a support for this, a support for that, with them what relationship, just like they can hold court, can Sue the same.Xu Min family to trace the truth is too difficult, fengfeng quickly clear the clouds to see the sun, the people with ulterior motives to justice!The great man said: he who can control his emotions is greater than a general who can take a city.Hope uncle Xu is strong enough to face KQ Bark day!Usher in the brilliant sunshine!Protect yourself, is to better defeat evil!!Good people have good karma is just a good wish. What we saw in the February 8 incident is that good people don’t live long to ruin their lives for thousands of years. It is really sad!Xu Min’s family is too kind.I grew up with a good family background and a harmonious family. I didn’t see the dark side of the society and was easily deceived.