Getting married: Scientific Application of Internet technology to help children achieve “Online marriage”

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In the post-epidemic era, any social behavior, any public place, its operation rules and development mode may change to a certain extent.People need to be more aware of social distancing, and they need to be aware of their own personal protection and conduct activities in accordance with quarantine rules.For example, the once-popular “blind date corner in the park” may gradually decrease in popularity due to the epidemic.Before the outbreak, “dating corners” were a common gathering place for many parents.This seemingly ordinary corner of the park is always disturbed by the noise of people when the sun rises.Here, many “anxious” parents are busy hanging their children’s information on the prepared twine.They are scrambling to make their children as visible and important as possible.In fact, from the point of view of epidemic prevention, “blind date corners” actually have some safety risks.Because the daily flow of people is too large, and the personnel are complex, the lack of scientific and perfect management mechanism, it is easy to appear loopholes in epidemic prevention.On an individual level, most of the parents who go to the “blind date corner” are elderly and their health is no longer in the past. They are exposed to the wind and the sun all day long, which may adversely affect their health to a certain extent.The appearance of “dating corner” is a sign of the immature development of the marriage market.If accurate and efficient marriage matches could be made, these worried parents would not need to be in the public eye all day, selling their children as a “product”.In fact, parents help their children find a partner this kind of thing, there is a certain difficulty in itself.Because of the “Chinese-style” education model, parents are often unable to establish an equal and harmonious communication mechanism with their children.Student period strict control of love, so that children in love and marriage, formed a certain rebellious psychology.Even as adults, they often tell their parents that they are busy with their work or that their career is important.Nowadays, with the rapid development of Internet technology, “online dating” has become a mainstream business model.The Internet marriage market also began to become gradually prosperous, by many customers heartfelt favor.More and more dating service agencies, as well as relevant innovative enterprises, with the help of Internet technology to provide universal benefits to the silver-haired people, the use of the Internet and big data, to serve the majority of parents, to help parents on their mobile phones to help their children find a partner, a major task in life.Different from offline parks, online “blind date corners” exist in the virtual world, completely eliminating the online transmission of the epidemic, in line with the epidemic prevention policies of various regions.In addition, online “dating corners” have more resources, and parents have more options.Most of the time, just take out the mobile phone gently query, can help children choose the right love and marriage object, eliminating many redundant dating steps.For example, some parents who have used online dating said, “Online dating is so simple and convenient that it really saves us a lot of trouble.”Some parents said, “Online dating is actually safer, because the platform takes the responsibility of checking the data and can directly help me to screen out the unqualified matches.”As an innovator in the online marriage market, Chengjixiang has always been focused on online dating since its birth. It adheres to the method of “finding a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law, talking to the in-laws first” and pioneered the dating model of “parents helping their children find a partner”, bringing more convenience to parents across the country.It is understood that the perfect World group/Hong ‘en Education Group founder’s company products, as a member of China Marriage and Family Working Committee, and once appeared in the service trade fair and related public welfare activities, is one of the industry’s most popular online dating platform.Millions of parents across the country have signed up for matchmaking, making it one of the main drivers of online dating.It is foreseeable that in the current social environment, “online dating” will undoubtedly become a more concerned and popular dating mode.The traditional “blind date corner” may gradually disappear into the long river of history due to backward mechanism and epidemic prevention policies.In the face of the future, we hope to have more innovative enterprises, which can learn from the business operation model of marriage and matchmaking. Through more professional and efficient services, we can solve the problem of children’s matchmaking for parents all over the country and set a development example for the online matchmaking market.