Clearly are jing Sweet play high IQ female, how rattan feng Shizhen gap so big?

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Although it is still silly white sweet heroine run amok, but also more or less every year some smart high IQ heroine suddenly born, attract the eyes of the audience.Last year, Jing Tian completely changed the audience’s impression of her as a resource coffee since her debut with si Teng.Let her completely from resources coffee into the real world wealth.A year later, Jing Tian and Xu Weizhou brought a new Film from the Republic of China, The City of Time.There are some similarities between City of Light and Steng.One of the highlights of Si Teng is the cheongsam.Jing Tian plays a teacher from the Republic of China.In addition to dress, is qipao.Well dressed and bookish.Not to mention the plot, purely from the visual, it meets all the expectations of the audience.However, although the two plays are jing Sweet starring, but Some aspects of Feng Shizhen, is really not as good as the ten thousand one.A person set difference rattan although is a plant incarnation, but her IQ is high, calm domineer.After being awakened by Qin Fang, make a joke, but very quickly get used to modern life.She is very smart, in the face of Shen Yindeng’s calculation, she is calm and calm, never panic.A sharp tooth and a sharp tongue win no man.With this high IQ setting, the worst thing you can do is become a love brain.Fortunately, although the drama version to Qin Fang Rattan added emotional drama, but not much.The first half, Si Teng is very rational.It is not until the last few episodes, when Qin Fang is killed by Bai Ying, that she begins to be irrational and domineering.Feng Shizhen also belongs to high IQ women, will teach will shoot, will calculate will act.To get your revenge, go after Jonja.However, her high IQ attributes are not stable.It is their own calculation of male master, but he was tempted early, the revenge behind.This change caused the mistress’s design to collapse very quickly.Is not can not love, but with the heart of revenge into the home, met the male hero instantly changed.This kind of revenge, I’m afraid is a joke.In “Si Teng”, the male hero acts as a human ATM machine and a little milk dog. He is obedient and funny at the same time.When following si Teng side, small expression many, very appropriate.Men and women mainly fall in love, naturally not ambiguous, kissing play.It’s in the show, too, but in the case of Stoh’s injury, and only once.More often than not, they flirt with each other.For example, Qin Fang was tied, the queen of the Department of Teng domineer rescue scene.The sight of the queen and the Suckling dog was instantaneous.”City of Light”, under the banner of elder sister with age, but I really can not get Feng Shizhen and Rong Jia on.Because the kissing is too much.Commonly known as artificial saccharin too much.Always be close, really good boring.As a result, feng Shizhen and Meng Xu ‘an only ambiguous, let me instantly imagine the love and hatred between the top boss and the little sidekick.Big guy fosters small heel class to revenge, two people join hands step by step calculation, the result small heel class attracted the line of sight of the other side however.The big guy is worried, jealous angry.Three people set the nuances of Feng Shizhen and Si Teng set, so look, really like.But look closely and you can tell them apart.Si Teng belongs to the perfect invincible person set, lived for n years, what she see, is a look through.Proud jiao, but not capricious, can control the room.Si Teng is the real big female, from the resurrection of that day, has been pondering, how to find bai Ying.Every step has its own calculation.Feng Shizhen, belong to the big female vest behind, covered with a layer of love brain skin.Mr. Yung has a fiancee as well as an ex-girlfriend.She knew that she was easily swayed in her calculations.If she found out that the feud had nothing to do with the Yung family, or if she had some new information, she’d be in love with Yung Chia.But before anything is settled, it’s not clear, and that’s kind of boring.Overall idea, instantaneous low many.So, although Feng Shizhen and Si Teng are played by Jing Tian, but the two are really not the same.Feng Shizhen, or lack a lot of things.Steng is yyds.What do you think?Welcome to leave a message, rational discussion.