According to the National Health Commission, the average life expectancy reached 77.3 years, significantly higher than 10 years ago

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On April 7, the National Health Commission (NHC) held a press conference to introduce the practice and results of China’s patriotic health campaign and the construction of healthy cities.Today’s press conference is also the first in a series of press conferences titled “Everything for the People’s Health — Our Decade”, said Mi Feng, spokesperson of the NHC and deputy director of the publicity Department.Mi feng introduced that in the past decade, urban and rural living environment sanitation has improved significantly, blue sky and clear water around the pure land;Efforts were made to build healthy cities and towns, and healthy cities were explored in an all-round way. Policies to integrate health into all areas were further implemented.”Healthy cells” such as healthy families and health-promoting hospitals are thriving, and a healthy lifestyle has become a new fashion, forming a strong defense line against the epidemic.April 7th is World Health Day.National WeiJianWei planning information secretary Mr. MAO is introduced at the news conference, this year’s world health day, theme is “health homeland, China,” the national ground level above the national health city accounts for more than 60%, to build a batch of health model city of the urban construction, China construction laid a solid foundation for health.In regions with the joint efforts of all departments and the social from all walks of life, the constant optimization of urban and rural living environment in our country, improve the people health level, rural sanitation toilets, hazard-free treatment rate of urban living garbage, environmental indicators such as air quality, and life expectancy, infant mortality and other health indicators have improved significantly over the past ten years.MAO said that through extensive health popularization activities, the concept of health and basic skills have been increasingly popular. Currently, 37.2 percent of the population regularly participates in physical exercise, 23.15 percent of the residents have health literacy, and the average life expectancy has reached 77.3 years, indicating a significant improvement in the average health condition.