355: The Bourne Ultimatum: Jessica Chastain makes a female-only action movie

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Maggie Ma reports from Los Angeles Jessica Chastain is no stranger to most viewers.She has the nickname of “model worker sister” in the American film circle, because of acting and appearance are outstanding, the industry public praise is very good, and has been nominated for the Oscar best actress twice.She is up for another Best actress Oscar this year for “The Eyes of Tammy Faye.”But with her fair skin and soft voice, Jessica Chastain hasn’t been asked to star in action movies, but she’s been hoping to create strong, capable female characters that will prove female spy movies can be fun to watch.She has inspired the likes of Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, German actress DianeKruger, African American actress Lupita Nyong'O) and Fan Bingbing were invited to star in The spy action film “The 355,” and The lead actresses were paid The same as The men in The film, for equal parts of their roles.Jessica Chastain in addition to starring as a producer to create a female action film, invited famous actresses from many countries to participate.(Universal Pictures) Not everyone can be a female superhero on the big screen, especially for actresses over 40, and there are fewer opportunities to lead action movies.As a result, many actresses have to find their own scripts, act as producers, or even raise financing to achieve their goal of becoming the leading woman in an action movie.That was the dilemma Jessica Chastain faced a few years ago.355: The Bourne Ultima wasn’t like any other action movie backed by a novel or a well-known IP, and no studio was willing to make it.So Jessica Chastain enlisted a handful of internationally renowned actresses to bring them to the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and use the lineup to attract investment.After finally securing financing and distribution, the film was filmed in 2019, but was delayed until January 7 this year due to the epidemic.Not only did Chastain ensure that the leading women in the film had adequate parts and were paid equally, he also allowed them to bring their children to the location during filming, since most of the women in the film were mothers.She felt that since it was a film made specifically by women for women, it should be more sensitive to women’s needs.Jessica Chastain and Diane Kruger, who had been unable to land similar female action films, formed a team to raise money for the film.(Universal Pictures) 355: The Bourne Ultima is the story of female agents from five countries who join forces to protect the world.There is a lot of action and filming in different places, and the production and investment are really international blockbuster standards.Moreover, because the female characters are middle-aged, they are not focused on showing off and beauty, but more on real moves, no matter chasing or fighting scenes are shot with a strong sense of reality.Several female characters also suffer unprecedented blows in the film, and some of their relatives are even killed, which fully demonstrates the cruelty of the story.Jessica Chastain even said while promoting the film that she was taken to hospital after hitting her head during an action scene, and the other actresses have all gone through rigorous physical training.Diane Kruger, 45, is the most impressive in the film’s action scenes, both on a motorcycle and in close combat.Jessica Chastain believes Diane Kruger has been overlooked by Hollywood because of her age, and that she is perfectly capable of acting but rarely given such roles.In Hollywood, middle-aged actresses really have to stand up for themselves.The Mars rescue cooperation, Sebastian Stan again check with Jessica stein to join in the film, is an ally or an enemy identity mysterious (universal pictures), 40, fan bingbing have action scenes in the film, although the ratio is high, there is no other actress is only in the second half of the film, but a lot of English lines.Her career took a hit when she was found to have tax problems in recent years.There have been rumors that the film might remove her character or change her face, but this is not true.She doesn’t have much of a part, and her role is crucial.The last third of the movie takes place in Shanghai, where the night scenes, streets and hotels are all featured in the film. There are also many Chinese actors in the film as a group performance, and they have no problem handling the China-related plot.In addition to the female leads, Sebastian Stan, who is famous for his role in Marvel’s “Winter Soldier,” joins the film in a big way.In addition to playing superheroes in Marvel movies, Sebastian Stan is attractive enough to play boyfriend roles in many female-led movies.When he and Jessica Chastain, who worked on The sci-fi film “The Martians,” heard about The project, they expressed their support on social media, so Chastain called and asked him to join them.A third of the film takes place in Shanghai.(Universal Pictures) In the film, the two are CIA agents, and there will be a love scene.Chastain said Sebastian Stein is not only good-looking, but also known in the industry as a good guy, very supportive of female characters in movies, flexible enough to handle a lot of different types of characters, and has both good and bad temperament, which is a good fit for the role.Sebastian Stan’s role in the film is mysterious and does have dramatic moments that are very different from his previous roles.Despite recent delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 355: The Bourne Ultimates is sticking to its original release date of January 7.