Xu Jianxi, torchbearer of the first leg of the World Portuguese Garden: Small villages will welcome development opportunities due to the Olympic Games

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The torch relay for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games takes place in yanqing World Grape Expo Park at 9:52 am on Feb 3.Yanqing District Zhangshanying town west dazhuang branch village branch Xu Jianxi is the first leg of the world Grape garden torchbearer.Holding the torch, Xu said excitedly, “I feel especially honored and proud to be a torchbearer.”Located at the foot of Haituo Mountain in Yanqing Olympic Games area, Xidazhuangke Village attracted worldwide attention because of the Olympic Games.”After the Olympics, our village will be upgraded at the same site, so we can take advantage of this opportunity to develop snow and ice tourism and get on the fast train of getting rich.”Xu jianxi’s eyes were full of expectation.Speaking of his connection with the Winter Olympics, Xu took his mind back to 2013.”Our village is the closest to Haituo Mountain.At that time, when the expedition team visited for the first time, they said they would conduct an expedition to Haituo Mountain and asked us to organize a village guide team.””We didn’t know we were looking for a venue for the Winter Olympics because it was still a secret,” Xu said with a smile.Although long in the foot of haituo Mountain farmers, can climb this steep peak is not easy.”Few people come to the mountain all the year round. There is no road at all. Many places are covered with thorns.Xu jianxi said that since 2013, he and a group of villagers have been climbing Haituo Mountain for many times, leading reconnaissance, surveying and mapping personnel, and becoming regular visitors to the mountain.In summer, when it sometimes rains cats and dogs, Xu often has to crawl on the hillside to avoid thunder and lightning.And into the winter, the mountain road knot up thick ice, is more difficult to walk.”Often a somersault fell more than 10 meters.”Xu jianxi said.As The news of China’s bid for the Winter Olympics came out, Xu and the villagers realized that they were preparing for such a big event.”I felt very honored to be able to contribute to this great event for the country.”Xu jianxi said.In July 2015, he and villagers watched a live broadcast of the announcement of the winter Olympics bid.When the news of the successful bid came, Xu jianxi was so excited that tears filled his eyes. He not only felt that the hard work had not been wasted, but also felt proud that the village had become the host of the Winter Olympics and that the country was strong and prosperous.Thanks to the Olympic Games, the once unknown village has attracted the attention of the world.Xu Jianxi inspired the villagers, not just happy, but to use practical action to seize this opportunity for development.As a result, the village set up a peasant ski team, many young people passed the professional ski coach qualification certificate, and several people also became the service guarantee staff of the Winter Olympics.Older villagers participated in the high-end civil dormitory administrator home, common English training.”After the Winter Olympics, we will move back to the original site and use the renovated new houses to build high-end b&Bs and develop tourism.Young people who have learned professional skills can work as ski instructors and ice makers, and people will have frozen rice at home.Xu Jianxi said happily.source Beijing daily client | journalists Zhao han language editing KuangFeng process editor Wu yue