What reason is refrigerator compressor hair ironing?What kind of refrigerator to choose is better?

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The hot refrigerator compressor may be clogged by dirty compressor, resulting in insufficient heat dissipation space, or it may be that the compressor needs to be replaced for too long.At the same time, there may be a lack of refrigerant in the compressor. The main reason may be that the refrigeration system of the compressor leaks. If the refrigerant leaks out, the compressor is still working, then it is easy to happen the phenomenon of hot compressor.And if the refrigerator is used for too long, without cleaning, the internal compressor is prone to blockage. After blockage, the heat dissipation function of the compressor will be reduced, and then there will be hot phenomenon.If we want to solve this problem, then only we open the refrigerator for cleaning, of course, if conditions are available, we can also replace a new refrigerator.What kind of refrigerator to choose is better?To the choice of refrigerator, it is best to choose a province of electricity and the space is big best, of course, the final choice or to decide according to individual demand.Choose the refrigerator according to their actual situation, especially the size of the refrigerator, choose the corresponding refrigerator.When decorating, we should reserve a space for the refrigerator.If you buy a refrigerator and can’t put it down, it’s very troublesome to replace it.Refrigerators are frequently used in our daily life, so it is necessary to choose refrigerators with high cost performance.So before we buy a refrigerator, we should first ask how much electricity it consumes. If it is too expensive, it is best not to choose it.The above is the method of refrigerator selection that I explain to you, hoping to help you make a better choice.