What kind of reflection can we draw from the Chongqing Starbucks incident?

2022-06-08 0 By

On February 13, the incident of “Starbucks expelling police” in Chongqing has not reached a final conclusion yet.By rights, such a small thing, in today’s cameras around the streets, to find an objective conclusion should not what difficult things, believe that involved starbucks stores must be equipped with a camera, but it has been so much in the past days, in addition to the initial response, seems to be also didn’t see any feedback from both parties, don’t know what that means,You’re just gonna let it go?Is there something I can’t tell you?In the process of waiting for the results, we also see the changing winds of public opinion.The initial outrage stems from the author’s use of the word “eviction”, which thoroughly aroused public sentiment.In China, as a policeman at the grass-roots level, in order to maintain the security of one party, for the sake of stability and unity of the society and people, making a lot of hard work, is people can really rely on people, simply borrow starbucks one treasure to eat rice, is “out” by starbucks, really shouldn’t, but if the author use the word is to discuss or request at the time,Would it not cause such a big storm of public opinion?Of course, there will not be so many people concerned, do not know how the author reached the conclusion of “expulsion”?Also, where do the people who claim starbucks has complained get the evidence?Because starbucks is an American brand, it is easy to arouse the empathy of some so-called patriots.In recent years, the economic and trade frictions between China and the United States and other reasons have affected many Chinese people’s views on the United States, but the vast majority of people are still able to treat the United States rationally.But there are some people, the heart is not really patriotic, but under the banner of patriotism lest the world is not disorderly, every time using such events, the opportunity to take the wind, in the name of patriotism for their own improper interests.In fact, such things are happening every day, may be a foreign capital enterprise, also may be our own national enterprise, our country constitution stipulate the foreign-funded enterprises of the same national treatment, make starbucks called American business background, the opportunity to stir up everyone’s so-called patriotic feelings, ceng traffic, set set, purpose seems to be not pure, they really patriotic?The most sad is a batch of blindly by, with only a picture, not statements of the parties, a don’t care about the real process, also don’t want to know what happened, not to consider things ins and outs of the brain, began to drift of lotus tongue, starbucks is opening the roll out of China, is the capitalist sin, as foreign companies are bad capital behind his back,Only put them out of China, can purify our business environment, no matter whether this conflicts with the policy of our country, only from photos look, also is our Chinese compatriots in with the police comrade to discuss, to really have a superiority complex, is that a small number of staff, but they just is our Chinese people.What are the motives of those who throw eggs and give white flowers at other people’s stores?Foreign companies or local companies in China land legitimate business, pay taxes, while bring us life convenient, also solve the problem of a lot of Chinese employment, we should all be equally, if they really made a disgraceful consideration against social things, we should condemn, don’t need to look at ‘colored glasses,But at the very least, understand the rights and wrongs.I always wondered how many companies in China would dare to mess with the police.Whatever the nature of the capital.The police is a sacred profession, which operator does not respect?We are still waiting for the final result of this matter, but we also hope that we can gradually get rid of the plot of relying on a picture to talk about the picture. We have experienced too many network incidents over the years, and many final reversals have surprised us. This is my reflection from this Starbucks incident.