Top 10 Most Deceptive Majors, all misunderstood

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With just 115 days to go before the national college Entrance exam, it’s time for parents to put their choice of school and major on the agenda.However, it is difficult for parents to understand all of the 12 subject categories, 92 major categories and 703 majors. Some majors sound lofty, but in fact they will be unemployed after graduation. Some majors seem difficult to find a job, but they are eagerly sought by the government and public institutions.Today, xuesheng Academic Career Planning Center lists the “top 10 most deceptive majors”.The major of Information and Computer Science, at first glance, seems to be designed for the training of programmers.NONONO, it’s actually a mathematics discipline, not a computer science.Information and computing science is an interdisciplinary subject that combines mathematics with information and management under the background of information field.Focus on cultivating mathematical talents who not only have a solid mathematical foundation, but also master the theories and methods of information science and computing science.After graduation, they may be engaged in research, teaching, application software development or practical application, development, research or management work in information and computing science, computer information processing, economy, finance and other departments.Specialized core curriculum with the numerical method for solving the differential equation, the numerical approximation and the computational geometry and numerical algebra and other super cattle to open this professional school include: Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, Beijing university, tsinghua university, zhejiang university, national university of defense technology 02 biomedical engineering biomedical engineering sounds associated with biological medical technology.In fact, it’s not a medical specialty, it’s an engineering specialty.Graduates can be either in the modern medical instruments, electronic technology, computer and information technology such as high and new technology industry is engaged in the research, design, manufacture and application work, also can be in various hospitals engaged in clinical engineering technical service work, or engaged in general medical instrument equipment operation, maintenance, repair and purchasing management.Major core courses include General Physics, Biochemistry, Physiology, etc. Super schools offering this major include:University in Beijing, the capital medical university, Shanghai jiaotong university, southeast university, huazhong university of science and technology 03 actuarial mathematics actuarial mathematics is not a math major, but the subject’s professional financial insurance, the future of actuaries is limitless, can be in the commercial bank, financial intermediation, investment, social welfare, government advisory and other regulatory institutions,I am engaged in the assessment of underwriting risks, the determination of insurance rates, the arrangement of sub-insurance, solvency tests and other work, and the employment salary is very attractive.Core courses include Financial Mathematics, Actuarial Model, Economics, etc. Super universities offering this major include:Peking University, Renmin University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics, University of International Business and Economics, Xiamen University 04 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics The mathematics and Applied Mathematics major is an important bridge linking mathematics with natural science, engineering technology and information, management, economics, finance, social sciences and humanities.Therefore, after graduation from this major, I can be competent for relevant technical work and management work in scientific research institutions, government agencies, enterprises, or engaged in practical application, development and research work in production, operation and management departments.There are also many graduates working in programming jobs at large software companies.Professional core courses have “abstract algebra”, “mathematical model”, “topology”, “computer basic knowledge”, “the Java language” super cattle to open this professional school include: Beijing university, tsinghua university, fudan university, Beijing normal university, zhejiang university 05 many people think that philosophy is a professional, can’t find a job that you are wrong.Philosophy claims to be a “learning” can let a person become wise, most graduates go to institute or state organs engaged in the research or gain civil servants, and went to school, research institution and propaganda, publishing, news department and cultural department and other relevant units, no problem of parents in the eyes of the “iron rice bowl”, want to take an examination of civil servants of the classmates, choose it!The core courses include Marxist Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Foreign Philosophy and other super universities offering this major include:Peking University, nanjing university, renmin university of China, fudan university, wuhan university 06 digital media art and digital media technology look similar, these two major but is two is not the same major, the former research technology, art, computer technology, etc., prefer to graphic design, such as animation, games, character modeling and animation design.The latter mainly studies text, pictures, videos and other digital media, and is more inclined to programming development, focusing on the application and innovation skills of new media-related technologies, such as VR technology research and development.The core courses of digital Media Art major include Chinese and foreign design history (including professional design history, regional design history, etc.), Introduction to design, design method, modeling foundation, design performance, design technology (including computer aided design), design thinking, etc. Super schools offering this major include:Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, China Academy of Art, Tongji University,Digital media technology professional core courses, zhejiang university, object-oriented programming with C language, introduction to digital media technology, program design, data structure, computer graphics, data visualization, film and television later period and special effects technology, digital image processing, human-computer interaction technology, virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence and new media, such as setting up the professional super cow school include:Beijing university of technology, zhejiang university, Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, Shanghai university, Harbin industrial university 07 information resources management professional name seems to be related to computer science major, but there is a name, the professional books intelligence and archives management, may be because the original enrollment situation is bad, just changed the name on the the tall now.The counterpart jobs are only librarians.Although theoretically can work to large enterprises or units, but those are basic is not the case of school students do not admit, carefully enter oneself for an examination.The core courses include principles of Management, Introduction to Information Management, metadata, Information Retrieval, computer Network, program design, Data Structure, information organization, Information Analysis, big Data technology, etc.Nanjing University, Wuhan University, Renmin University of China, Peking University, Nankai University 08 The name of the major of geophysics sounds how lofty, think about the future work, access to high-grade laboratories, every day to discuss the earth is the survival of human beings.But the discipline is actually a borderline between physics, geology, atmospheric science, ocean science and astronomy, and instead of working in high-end LABS, you’ll find yourself working in mineral resources and energy exploration, engineering and environmental exploration.The core courses of the major include continuous media mechanics, digital Signal analysis and data processing, principles and applications of seismology, gravity and earth tide, geomagnetism, geo-electromagnetism, petrophysics, Introduction to geophysical exploration, basic geophysical experiments, etc.Some of the best schools offering this major include:Peking University, wuhan university, China university of science and technology, China university of geosciences, China university of petroleum 09 Chinese international education do you think it is the Chinese, is actually more require English bar, Chinese international education aims to cultivate solid grasp of basic knowledge of Chinese language, Chinese literature and Chinese culture, professional knowledge and ability to cross-cultural communication talent;This major can be engaged in Chinese teaching in all kinds of schools abroad, but it is not so popular in China;There will also be applied talents of Chinese language and literature in various functional departments, foreign trade organizations, press and publication units, enterprises and public institutions engaged in language and cultural communication related work.The major core courses include English Writing, English-Chinese Translation, Modern Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Introduction to Literature, Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Comparative Literature, Introduction to Chinese Culture, Introduction to Western Culture, Social Etiquette, Sinology Abroad, Introduction to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, etc.The super cow school that opens this major includes: Nanjing University, Nankai University, East China normal university, Ji Nan university, Shanghai jiaotong University 10 basic medicine sees this major to foresee the future that oneself is engaged in clinical work?In fact, basic medicine is a natural science that studies the nature and laws of human life and disease phenomena. After graduation, students can be engaged in teaching, scientific research and medical experimental research of basic medicine in higher medical colleges and medical research institutions.In short, love clinical, don’t choose it, love scientific, choose it!Core courses include human anatomy, histology and embryology, cell biology, physiology, neurophysiology, biochemistry and molecular Biology, etc. Super universities offering this major include Peking University, Peking Union College, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Zhejiang University