More than 300,000 people in Tibet have benefited from the direct settlement of trans-provincial medical settlements

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Source: xinhua original title: Tibetan settlement is directly across the province long-distance medical benefit more than 30 people in Lhasa on March 23 (xinhua) (reporter Liu Ying, li jian) 22 reporters from the Tibet autonomous region medical insurance bureau learned that Tibet has been realizing a complete coverage of long-distance medical settlement directly across the province, as of March 20, direct settlement services has reached more than 30 people.Since the launch of the National Medical Security Information Platform in Tibet on July 31, 2021, the platform has fully covered all insured people in Tibet and all 74 counties and autonomous regions. Currently, 123 designated medical institutions have provided direct settlement services for cross-provincial inpatient and general outpatient services.By March 20, Tibet and other provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government had recorded 8,000, 88,000 and 206,000 direct cross-provincial settlement of hospitalization, general outpatient and drug purchase expenses, respectively.At the same time, the direct settlement of trans-provincial medical treatment in Xizang has expanded from inpatient, general outpatient and drug purchase to out-patient chronic diseases. At present, two Internet designated medical institutions have included the expenses of five types of out-patient chronic diseases, including hypertension, diabetes and malignant tumor outpatient radio-chemotherapy, into the direct settlement of trans-provincial medical treatment.The direct settlement process has also expanded from offline manual settlement to online settlement. With only a mobile phone, medical insurance participants can directly settle hospitalization, outpatient and drug purchase expenses.Editor in charge: Yao Yimeng