Missing person: Thank you, let me embark on a different life path

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1. My name is Yang Junhua, 61 years old, and I live in Fangshan, Beijing.I am the youngest of three brothers and sisters in my family, so from childhood to childhood, no matter my parents or brothers and sisters, they all take care of me.At the end of 1980, when I was 19 years old, I joined the army and came to Hancheng, Shaanxi Province.I remember it was already winter when I was training for the new recruits, and I felt cold even when I was wearing cotton-padded clothes and trousers.One night emergency training, when I was in front of the ditch, marching, I accidentally fell into the cold water on the cotton-padded clothes and trousers wet, I was shivering, AT that time I have been clenching teeth insist.After three months of recruit training, we went to Datong, Shanxi Province and became construction soldiers.Our mission is to build buildings there and do some infrastructure.At this time, I knew my comrade-in-arms Li Qinglai brother.When I was assigned to drive the crane, Li Qinglai came earlier than me. He said to me, “Just follow me and work hard. I will teach you.”I remember he took me to the crane, let me watch first, and I saw him drive up ten meters of steel bar, and as he did so, the steel bar was rising and spinning.The other comrades were saying, “Li Qinglai must drive the crane!No one else can.”I thought he was really good, AND I wanted to learn this technique and be like him.(2) In this way, I followed Li Qinglai brother to study carefully, he was strict with me, but very patient.Every day after work, we wipe the crane together, he said to me: “we have to seriously wipe, when the time to do what work, the crane is not ready that can not be, can not drag the company back.”So, every day after work, we clean the crane seriously, our crane has been very good maintenance.However, after only one month of learning, I became a bit impatient.Sometimes, Li Qinglai asked me to practice carefully, but I didn’t take it seriously. I said to him, “I can do it, I can drive!”Unexpectedly, one day, I was operating alone, because of their own mistakes, resulting in a small piece of goods dropped from the air, fortunately fell in a clearing, no injuries.I was so scared at that time that I didn’t know what to do.At this time, Li Qinglai came over. I could see that he was a little angry, but he didn’t criticize me. Instead, he talked to me.He said: “No matter what you do, you should be down-to-earth, step by step, learn well, solid study, is really their own skill!”After that, he continued to teach me hand in hand, how to lift, how to turn, these are he taught me little by little.If I did something wrong, he would tell me immediately and tell me how to correct it.After a mistake, I also know must be down to earth, so I practice very hard, really want to really li Qinglai brother taught me the ability to learn.On weekdays, Li Qinglai elder brother does not like to talk, but he is very careful.I remember once, he said to me: “You come, today I make dumplings, we eat together.”I followed him, he took some flour, went to the canteen for some meat, meat and cabbage mixed together to make dumplings.He is very good at making dumplings with thin wrappers and lots of filling.We were busy for a long time, finally made dumplings.When eating dumplings, Li Qinglai encouraged me, he said: “You have made great progress recently, you see, down to earth, little by little progress, now you have done it!Keep working hard in the future!”After listening to his words, I was really very happy. I felt that he was like a big brother and always gave me help and encouragement!3. On weekdays I kept in mind everything he said to me.I also like what he said, down to earth work, little by little progress.We stayed in Datong, Shanxi for more than a year, and by the end of 1982, the whole project had been completed.I took part in the construction myself with the crane, and it was exciting and rewarding to see the house finally built.At that moment, I said to Li Qinglai, “Thank you!I probably couldn’t have learned it without you.”Li Qinglai patted me on the shoulder and we both laughed.In 1983, li Qinglai and I transferred to Taiyuan and worked in an engineering department.We spent every day together. In winter, when it was over 20 degrees below zero, Li Qinglai would get up early every morning. He first went to the construction site to sort out the tools and net covers that had been blown by the wind.He always said to me: “It is cold today, I will work first, you rest first, later you will replace me.”He took such good care of me.At the end of 1985, WHEN I returned to Beijing, I was in such a hurry that I did not have time to leave my address with Li Qinglai. Later we lost contact.I’ve been looking for him for years, but I can’t find him.I think he taught me the truth that only by keeping your feet on the ground can you gain something.This truth has always been in my mind.No matter what position I am in, I work with my feet on the ground and have been recognized by my colleagues.It was Li Qinglai’s help that made me embark on a different life path.I’m 61 years old, and I really hope TO have another chance to meet him. I want to thank him!Missing Person Information: Name: Li Qinglai Native Place: Henan Age: 63 If you have any information, please send information to wait for Me official email: cctvdengzhewo@163.com.Editor: Wu Sirui; Liu Siqian