Day gray pattern incident involving Sally, north Maple force to support friends, there is such a brother value

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The slapstick of the day is gray and pattern believe everyone heard, although ended in explosive have play day is gray, but the spread of the host, the extent of influence is unprecedented, the popularity of higher LOL anchors are basically by its involvement, especially Sally, these days is the biggest victims, the four or five years ago the black material is stripped out.At the same time, another onlooker of the anchor was unscathed, the north Maple these days still normal broadcast, not affected by the incident, it seems that the North Maple is indeed uncorrupted, no black material can be exploded.He in the 18 most boiling events, but also open live, is still familiar with Chiana, all kinds of SAO operation frequency, no psychological burden.North maple so show off in an ostentatious manner, it is estimated that really didn’t do something shameful, so dig black material is not afraid of the other party, other anchor shun, wish this several days all don’t come out, trips to the a trip to the muddy water can also be unscathed, also north maple a, general host it’s really hard to parry this premeditated planning report events, itself is a teenager,In case there is a little bit of what with fans between the mouth hi are likely to be amplified out, the North Maple side has not been affected, that he himself private enough clean, the other party can not start.Although he was not affected, but a good friend Sally deep in public opinion, was the top to the cusp, north Maple at this time also sit hard.Sally was fourteen jian ji Open Day, 6 million people onlookers, it may be said is huge, he could not say a word at this time north maple, like others eat the melon silence, lest the fire burned into his body, but the maple is very handout spirit, in Sally in vortex was condemned by the north maple was the only one who’s he,Sally that night to collect evidence a public example, north Maple took the lead in praise, said he was too professional, although there is no clear meaning, but also to stand in line.Sure enough, the second day of the day since the incident has a script, the whole thing is he and the pattern of self-directed, the purpose is to let Sally fall out, if not two people fall out, this wave Sally really jumped into the Yellow River also wash not clear.Although after this disaster, Sally has seen many people in trouble, a friend in need is a friend indeed, can have north Maple such a good brother, Sally is also worth.