How to change the location information of an enterprise?

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How to change the location information of an enterprise?A: Hello, please click on the homepage of electronic Tax Bureau:–,, would you please to make a change in the above list check list “for the information change”, and then the related certificate information below change list, fill in the content after the change, and then fill in the upper right corner of the transactor id number, fill out click save – the next step, as you see the receipt, please return the electronic tax official home page to check:If the production address is new, you have changed it successfully.Which module is the export tax refund declaration in?A: Please click — on the homepage of the electronic Tax Bureau to find the form to be declared, and click online to fill in the form.How to query printed financial statements?Answer: Please check and print through the electronic tax Bureau — module.Reproduced: Beijing tax if there is infringement please contact us to delete