Good news!The district DISABLED Persons’ Federation livelihood Practical project won the chenghua District “I do practical things for the People” practice activity “Hundred and ten best” project

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On January 27, 2022, Chenghua District announced the results of the “100 Best Ten” Practical projects concerning people’s livelihood in the practice activity of “I Do Practical Things for the People” of Party history learning and education. The “Rehabilitation and Assistance Project for Disabled Children” of Chenghua District Disabled Persons’ Federation was rated as the “100 Best Ten” practical projects concerning people’s livelihood.And in the “Praise for the New Era and Start a New Journey” chenghua District 2022 People’s Spring Festival Gala and “100 Best ten” people’s livelihood “Moved Chenghua, the most beautiful people” award activities, was commended.In recent years, chenghua District Disabled Persons’ Federation has always adhered to the people-oriented service concept, with “rehabilitation services for all” as the goal, focusing on the physical and mental health of children with disabilities, providing comprehensive rehabilitation assistance to children with disabilities, and effectively enhancing the sense of gain and happiness of families with children with disabilities.First, the city took the lead in implementing the policy of rehabilitation assistance for disabled children, including all eligible disabled children with rehabilitation needs into the aid object, so as to “save as much as possible”.Second, to carry out extensive publicity.Make full use of the major theme publicity day, carry out the “online + offline” policy publicity and interpretation, effectively help the guardians of disabled children accurately know the content of assistance, so that the concept of rehabilitation of disabled children and assistance policies are deeply supported by the people.Third, we will strengthen oversight and management.District-level assessment teams of rehabilitation institutions for children with disabilities have been set up to carry out assessment, and they will inspect the designated rehabilitation institutions for children with disabilities from time to time to check epidemic prevention and control, facility safety and rehabilitation training of children with disabilities, so as to ensure the effect of rehabilitation for children with disabilities.At the same time, China has provided home rehabilitation guidance, training and social integration services for disabled children in need.In 2021, a total of 9.88 million yuan was invested to provide rehabilitation assistance to 417 children with visual, hearing, speech, physical and intellectual disabilities and autistic children, and 168 people were guided in home rehabilitation.In 2022, the DISTRICT Disabled Persons’ Federation will make solid efforts to carry out rehabilitation and assistance for disabled children, and ensure that all disabled children in need of rehabilitation “should receive assistance”.Rehabilitation and assistance service agencies will be selected on a selective basis, and the application, approval and distribution of subsidy funds will be standardized to ensure the effectiveness of rehabilitation training for children with disabilities.We will intensify policy publicity, create a favorable atmosphere for assisting the disabled, and help disabled children integrate into society.