Beijing coaching staff major adjustment!European handsome replaced Min Lulei, to help Qin Xiaowen to create the future

2022-06-07 0 By

After finishing the second phase, Shanghai team was named the most improved team!How did The Shanghai team become successful?Many fans think it is to buy buy buy, indeed, Wang Zhelin and Ren Junwei are expensive to trade over;In fact, the fundamental reason for the rise of the Shanghai team is young players, Guo Haowen and Li Tianrong, including the better and better Yuan Tangwen;Shanghai youth team talent pool is rich, Zhang Zhiyao, Dai Hao, as well as overseas Li Hongquan, the future will be promoted to the first team.With the tuhao team, The Beijing team is also buy buy, but buy are veteran, no young players, when Marbury led the Beijing team four years and three titles, but also because zhai Xiaochuan, Fang Shuo, Zhu Yanxi, Wang Xiaohui and a group of young players grow up.Youth achievement determines the results of the first team, which are mutually reinforcing.Beijing Shougang Basketball Club adjusted the coaching staff during the window period, and the European famous coach Jorrio replaced Min Lulei to take over the “young Eagle project” and fully manage the Beijing Shougang youth training.Joe Leo from Italy, has the rich teaching experience, can bring the advanced youth system, and briefly served as assistant coach, Beijing last season during XieLiBin suspensions, coaching ability is gaining recognition, also served as the assistant coach, Beijing during the national games for the CBA, for Chinese basketball talent training structure is more understanding!With the approval of General Manager Qin Xiaowen, Jorio will officially be the director of Youth Training at Beijing Shougang, building the future!As for fans concerned about min lulei’s guidance, it is now completely “retired”.Beijing finally attaches great importance to the youth, also has to attach importance to, because have reached the most critical time, this season we see Fang Shuo, ZhaiXiaoChuan slump with injury still playoff team level, if the youth team is not on the top of the young players coming, Beijing will be thoroughly become during a few season.Liu Xiaoyu, Duan Jiangpeng, Zhou Yixiang, Tian Yuxiang and Li Muhao all came to Beijing at the end of their careers, and their form would decline after two seasons.Only Fan Ziming and Raymond are in their years and can play for a long time.If The Beijing team can like the Shanghai team to dig young players, the future will rise!