Aston Martin confirmed its focus on hybrid and electric vehicles from 2026

2022-06-07 0 By

Aston Martin plans to sell only electric or hybrid cars from 2026 and phase out pure internal combustion engines by then.However, the British sports car brand has yet to provide details.”We will be fully electrified by 2026,” Lawrence Strohl, Aston Martin boss, told the Financial Times.But full electrification simply means that there are no pure internal combustion engines in the range.Small electric motors are more than enough to make this true-even, by definition, a 48-volt mild hybrid, which supports only an internal combustion engine, but cannot drive a car purely from electric.Unlike Bentley and Rolls-Royce, UK carmakers that want to sell only electric cars from 2030, Aston Martin has yet to set a date for phasing out the internal combustion engine altogether.”People still want the smell and noise [of internal-combustion cars].We will move towards all-electric cars, but we will continue to offer [electric and hybrid], “The FINANCIAL Times quoted Stroll as saying.”There will still be electrified components, but if someone wants an internal combustion engine in 2028, it will be provided.”The first all-electric Aston Martin cars are expected to hit the market from 2025, according to the company’s earlier statement.These are said to be the next generation front-engine DB11 sports car.However, details of the layout of the electric powertrain in internal combustion vehicles are not known.Aston Martin plans to launch a plug-in hybrid model first within two years and an all-electric model by the middle of the decade.”By 2025 or 2026, even if we electrify everything, front-engine, mid-engine, SUV, as long as there is customer demand, we will continue to offer hybrid versions,” Stroll said.However, to meet customer demand, the powerful internal combustion engine continues to play an important role: the DBX 707 is a 520 kW start SUV version with a 707 HP V8 — no hybrid component.Aston Martin confirmed a focus on hybrid and electric vehicles from 2026 to first appear on AutoNode.