917W fan Yan Su overturned again?Net friend: This time start to condiment

2022-06-07 0 By

People like to brush the video should know, the kitchen niang wearing JK “Yan Su”, a lot of net red are in the fire after being pulled out of the black material, Yan Su has never been pulled out of the black material, but her video is often questioned by netizens overturned, this time the updated video also became overturned scene again.Recently, Yan Su rode a 50,000-yuan motorcycle and went to the street to buy a chicken and a duck. Yan Su often ate his father’s duck, so she felt embarrassed and gave one back to him and kept a chicken for dinner.Yan su made the chicken, which he chopped up, cut the rest of the ingredients and marinated in advance, but it was at this stage that he was questioned and overturned.While ordinary people rarely use chicken essence at home, and some take months to run out of a bag, yan Su chicken has at least one bag of chicken essence poured into it, sparking heated debate online.Many netizens said their families could not eat that much in a year.Some netizens said that the current is to oil, this is to condiments.This time yan Su poured a little too much chicken essence, and this time she also used a lot of oil, I don’t know if it is because people joke that she uses a bucket of oil every time, this time the oil is poured out of the rice cooker gallbladder, presumably to avoid netizens saying that she used a bucket of oil.In fact, cooking with more oil is understandable, after all, it needs to be fried, more oil is just a joke, but seasoning is different, so much chicken essence is just for seasoning, there is really no need to put so much.In the comments section, netizens commented on Yan su’s dishes, saying they were unhealthy, too heavy and too greasy.Dishes like Yan Su’s can’t be eaten every day. Yan Su made them through videos, just to teach us the process of cooking, even if not for learning, but also to watch her cooking to relieve stress.Besides, Yan Su’s videos are not posted every day, so it is certainly not every day that they eat such unhealthy food. Otherwise, why do Yan Su’s family eat so greasy and still not fat?Besides, Yan Su is a sichuan girl who has a strong taste. In my opinion, yan Su’s food is very appetizing, although it may not be healthy, but it is ok to eat once in a while.Besides, the taste of each place is not quite the same, otherwise there would not be so many different cuisines. After all, it is a personal choice, yan will naturally choose the one that everyone likes to watch. If he just stir-fry a vegetable in the video, no one will watch it.What do you think about Yim so pouring so many condiments?Discuss it in the comments section!