3985W fan Sun Wukong ordered a dress, revealed that the wedding will be in the evening, but was mocked as a “second marriage.”

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For the person that likes net red, affirmation has heard “sun Wukong says car” this person?He is a “ceiling” in his field, and has more than 3,895 million followers.Sun Wukong’s family is particularly good since childhood with the car to deal with, grew up is to start with the car related industry, whether it is to buy clothes or why, like to compare with the car!After getting the certificate with He Yuxin, sun Wukong and his wife began to prepare for the wedding. In order to make Sun Wukong look more handsome at the wedding, Monkey Wife took him to Shanghai to customize the wedding dress!Like Sun Wukong weight 300 catties and have a big belly, put on the dress certainly not how good-looking, but designers said fat people wear dress more lasting appeal.Let sun Wukong tried a few clothes do not fit, began to measure specific data, ready to give him a custom-made!In communication with the designer, Sun Wukong revealed that his wedding with He Yuxin was set in the evening, which is also known as the “dinner party”, so that wearing a tuxedo will be more appropriate, more eye-catching appearance!Nowadays these weddings are held in the morning, at noon or at night, and each time period has its own meaning, depending on how the couple views it!When netizens heard that Sun Wukong’s wedding was scheduled at night, they mocked him as “the second marriage”. They all agreed that the wedding should be in the morning, or at 12 noon. Who holds a wedding at night?Unless those who had a lunch party had a dinner for those who didn’t show up at noon, instead of having a wedding night, it would look like a second marriage.With wear wedding dress is the same, the first wedding basically will wear white wedding dress, and the second wedding will wear pink, this may be an unwritten rule!The reason why we make fun of Sun Wukong so, mainly because monkey’s reputation on the Internet has been smelly, especially she went to “If you are the One”, in which she held hands with two male guests, the interval is not long!After getting a certificate to marry with Sun Wukong again now, all feel she is not really love Sun Wukong, but took a fancy to the money of the other side, status, fame, otherwise with her beauty and vision how can look for a fat man?No matter what kind of person monkey Sister-in-law was before, no matter how many times she had been in love, now she can get a certificate with Sun Wukong, it shows that they are true love, don’t care about the past.Life is their life, as long as people think they are suitable, isn’t that over?There’s no need to give us that much back.What’s more, nowadays a lot of net red wedding, will pick the evening time, so that everyone is free will come to the scene with ceremony, so it looks good contacts, more lively, not what we say “second marriage” and so on!Sun Wukong’s parents are doctors, he himself is not stained with flowers and mess with the character, family tradition is so good to find a daughter-in-law will not be bad, we rest assured!If you really feel that the two of you are not suitable, keep these opinions to yourself and don’t spoil others’ day by sharing them on the Internet.Hope sun Wukong in the selection of wedding scenery, there are gowns, must be a good choice, do not look at the eye, then make a fool of himself.Ok, that’s all for today’s sharing. After reading, what else do you want to say?Leave it in the comments!