Yili Wang Wenbiao actively explore new photovoltaic sand control scheme, drawing a new picture of “point green into gold”

2022-06-06 0 By

In order to better draw a new picture of “turning green into gold” and implement carbon neutrality actions, the inaugural Meeting of China Kubuqi International Institute of Carbon Neutrality and China Desertification Region Carbon Neutrality Planning Seminar were held.At the meeting, Wang Wenbiao from Yili Group introduced its new two-way carbon sink model, which brings a new solution to the desertification problem.According to Wang Wenbiao, Yili Resources Group has persisted in desertification control for more than 30 years, covering more than 9 million mu of The Kubuqi Desert. It has accumulated rich forest carbon sequestration technology, experience and assets, and created more than 20 million tons of forest carbon sequestration in 33 years.At the same time, after more than eight years of exploration and practice in the Kubuqi Desert, the successful innovation and practice of the 1GW level of photovoltaic sand control new mode, emission reduction reached more than 10 million tons, in China out of a replicable, scalable photovoltaic sand control road, photovoltaic sand control will also enter the national “14th five-year plan”.Wang Wenbiao was elected as the first chairman of the board of the Institute.He said that he would actively participate in the implementation of carbon neutrality actions and make greater efforts and contributions to the solution of energy imbalance and carbon neutrality in the central and western regions of China through the two-wheel drive of sand control ecological carbon sink and photovoltaic sand control and emission reduction.Plans for the future of yili group, wen-biao wang, said KuBuQi sand area will continue to enlarge photovoltaic sand during the “difference” carbon neutral mode, use of 5-8 years time about implementation of thousands of kilowatt photovoltaic sand, and the KuBuQi photovoltaic sand sand mode and KuBuQi experience to China and “area” of the west,For example, in ulan Buhe, Mu Us and other desertification areas, the implementation of the Gew-level photovoltaic sand control, promote the “ecological solar energy technology industrial park” model;At the same time, we will consider exporting to Central Asia, and strengthen the implementation of forest increase and photovoltaic desertification control and emission reduction.It is understood that China Kubuqi Carbon Neutral International Institute is supported by the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and the World Resources Institute (WRI).KuBuQi international secretariat of desert BBS (KIDF), Beijing green finance and the sustainable development research institute (IFS), China council for the promotion of forestry and the environment, PWC China, Hong Kong AEX TREELION foundation, yili holding company, Hong Kong association for the advancement of public foundation and Inner Mongolia desert ecological protection institutions such as initiative and combined together,Aimed at the United Nations framework convention on climate change, under the guidance of the “human destiny community” banner, actively promote international cooperation on climate change, with practical action to practice the Chinese leaders put forward “actively promote carbon peak, 2060 carbon neutral” commitment, provide “KuBuQi model” for all mankind to cope with climate change solutions.In the development process of recent years, Wang Wenbiao of Yili Group has always been actively implementing the desert carbon neutralization action, which has brought numerous remediation plans for desertification.It is believed that with the amplification of carbon neutralization mode of photovoltaic desertification control, Yili Wang Wenbiao will make greater contributions to the development of desertification in China and even the world by implementing the photovoltaic desertification control of 10 million kilowatts.