Xi ‘an Space Base launched a series of activities on “March 15” International Consumer Rights Day

2022-06-06 0 By

Recently, the city market regulator high-tech zone branch of space area according to the bureau of international consumer rights day “3 · 15” series of activities to deploy, combined with normalized epidemic prevention and control requirements, the organization law enforcement personnel in-depth shopping malls, supermarkets and other places, special activities, solidly carry out the protection of intellectual property rights further create a good atmosphere of protect and respect intellectual property rights.Law enforcement inspection of alcohol, tobacco products, law enforcement officers focus on dried fruit, fruit, grain and oil trademarks and geographical indications of agricultural products, such as the trademark logo (products) and daily necessities, food and beverage, tobacco, and dairy products, clothing and cleaning supplies and other products of the trademark use behavior, the masks, detergent, medical apparatus and instruments such as epidemic prevention material spot check,Check whether there is infringement or counterfeiting of intellectual property rights, popularize the basic knowledge of intellectual property rights to the operators, and require the operators to strengthen the cognition and management of commodity intellectual property rights, so as to achieve the normalization of self-inspection.At the same time remind and warn operators to adhere to the law management, consciously fulfill social responsibilities, conscientiously implement relevant laws and regulations and policies, to create a good consumer market environment, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers to make contributions.In the next step, the space area of the sub-bureau will continue to strengthen the enforcement and inspection of INTELLECTUAL property rights, strengthen the protection measures of intellectual property rights, severely crack down on illegal acts of intellectual property rights, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses of people.Editor: Yang Jingzi in Chinese