The hardest run in 200 meters is the last one. Do you know why?

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In the 200-meter race, the starting point of each lane is different, and the chosen lane is not dominant, which may also affect the result of the race.What’s the hardest run for 200 meters?The most difficult track to run in 200 meters is the last one, which is difficult in the following aspects: 1. The last track has the largest bend, and the athlete has to accelerate and tilt his body during the turn, so it is easy to slip or stiff.There will be a centripetal force when running around the corner, and the athlete who runs in the outermost circle has the largest body tilt. At this time, he needs to speed up running and maintain the balance of his body. Once the scale is improper, it is easy to slip or stiffen his body, affecting the speed of running.2. The starting point of the last lap is in front, so the runner cannot judge the gap with other runners.The runner in the last lane starts at the front, so he can’t see the gap between him and the other runners. Generally, the runner behind will catch up, but it is difficult for the leader to push his speed to the limit, so the runner in the last lane must sprint as hard as he can and not be distracted by the finish line.3. Once the starting point advantage is reversed, it will increase the psychological pressure of athletes and affect the running speed.Once they are overtaken by other runners, there will be strong psychological pressure, psychological tension, breathing rhythm will be disrupted, and the speed of running will naturally decline. Therefore, it is the most difficult to run in the last lane.How many seconds is fast for 300 meters?Do I need to sprint all the way to the start of the 200 meters?How many minutes can a schoolgirl pass an 800-meter test?Tips for running a thousand meters: Learn the rhythm of your running, maintain your breathing rate, and pay attention to these things