Huimin County Danian Chen Town actively carry out 2021 annual rural collective assets inventory work

2022-06-06 0 By

In order to steadily promote the reform of rural collective property rights system, clarify the ownership of rural collective property rights, find out the bottom of the collective, recently, Danian Chen Town launched 2021 annual rural collective assets inventory work.Strengthen the leadership organization, strict working procedures.Set up by the assets inventory team, using the “village collection, township report, above the county level audit summary” way to ensure that the task is clear, responsibility to people.At the same time, the village collective assets inventory work strictly in accordance with the cleaning, registration, verification, publicity, confirmation, reporting procedures, each village to self-examination, accounting books as the basis, comprehensive cleaning, ensure that the account card is consistent, do the amount is correct, clear property rights, the status quo is clear, the masses recognized.Establish a sound mechanism to implement accountability supervision.To revise and improve the measures for the management of village collective economic assets, clarify the ownership of assets and determine the persons responsible for assets;All villages are required to report work progress, experience and problems on a regular basis.Increase publicity and training and promote relevant policies.Using banners, wechat platforms, household visits and other forms, the relevant policies of the reform were conveyed to the masses in detail, so as to truly become household names.Through this inventory, not only strengthened the management of the collective economic assets of each village, more effectively promoted the establishment of the new mechanism of the collective economic management of the village, but also for the future to strengthen the collective economy, and gradually realize the comprehensive revitalization of the village laid a good foundation.