After reading the story of the Seven Fairies and Dong Yong, I suddenly began to understand the nature of marriage

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(1) When I was young, I watched Dong Yong and envied his well-matched love. When I grew up, I realized that many well-matched love did not end well.If you are Zhong Ziqi and you meet Yu Boya, it is like a bosom friend.But if you are just an ordinary woodcutter, don’t expect to have such a friendship as Yu Boya.This is true of friends, but even more so of couples.Inappropriate feelings, just like inappropriate feet and shoes, even if the shoes are good and expensive, if they are not their size, they should be firmly put down.Otherwise, no matter how smooth the road, also can not tolerate your footsteps.If you want to get the love of high match, you need not the favor of fate, but your own hard practice.There is no unearned, any unearned, god has quietly marked the price.Therefore, any gain on the surface is a lot of loss in the dark.The matching of marriage, just like the matching of families, seems to be small choice, in fact, the probability of happiness is large.And marriage is not suitable, it seems that there are many choices, but in fact, there are few of them.If you are the seven Fairies, you fall in love with Dong Yong, but if you marry him, it is a marriage between two families. If you cannot jump out of the control of your original family, you should not talk about the freedom of love.If you are Dong Yong, want seven fairies so high with love, first of all have to let themselves become high with, otherwise, any mother-in-law, do not allow her daughter to choose low with life.Sometimes, romance is the standard match for love, but fit is the essence of marriage.(2) When you are young, you don’t know what you want, so many people are confused and miss. When you get older, you know what kind of life you want, but there are not too many people for you to choose.Marriage is when you don’t want people crazy to give, and when you do want, but a lot of people push you out.When age becomes taboo, marriage becomes difficult.Sometimes we live so clearly that we get nothing.Some people are so confused that they have everything.In fact, there is no age to get married in this world, only love comes naturally.If you want to get married, you must learn to accept responsibility and then sacrifice some of your personal freedom.Don’t think that marriage is the beginning of love, in fact, many marriages are the end of love.Romance and freedom in love, to marriage, are icing on the cake, can have and can not.However, responsibility and responsibility are the most important things in a marriage. Many people give priority to one thing and lose the other. Finally, the divorce rate rises year after year.If we do not give up the freedom at all, then we choose not to get married. But in the end, freedom may be there, but there is no destination.Life is not perfect, people make a choice, there is no need to regret, there is no need to regret.Because when you regret, maybe the person you envy is envious of you.