2022 New Year’s Message: Slow down!Reduction of relief!Keep keep keep!

2022-06-06 0 By

The years have passed through time and space like this. In the midst of the epidemic and isolation, the difficult year of 2021 has slowly passed, and the New Year of 2022 has arrived in a world of internal friction and multiple variables.Slowly slowly!Reduction of relief!Keep keep keep!No matter from the country or society as well as the individual, are in the agitation of the flow of change, hold the original mind, strive for success!Each era has the responsibility of the era and noisy, stick to bear and helpless suffering.The global trend and national conditions are immersed in it, and everyone’s life and development are not isolated from it.The madness of the epidemic has caused the rapid development of the world to press the pause button, and countries have adjusted their policies according to the reality. Many normal social life has come to a screeching halt. Political agitation and commercial noise are not developing normally, and everyone’s life has been greatly affected.With the advent of the epidemic, civil servants will fight corruption, education will be less market-oriented, medical care will be made public, real estate will slow down, land will not be auctioned, food supply will be guaranteed, and other fields related to the national economy and people’s livelihood will have a fundamental return.Return to reason, slowly stop, let the pace of high-speed development to stop, the new three mountains gradually cracked, so that overnight rich, cut leek these times fierce good days no longer return, so that the man of the year can no longer become many people’s development flag.It is by no means the way to rejuvenate the nation and make the country strong and prosperous.If you are in your 20s, you are dreaming of the future.At the age of 40, we should bid farewell to the dream era, know ourselves, reduce temptation, grasp the core to do a few things, and gradually reduce the temptation of the previous thoughts or social development, focus on 2-3 things, continue to do, deep cultivation, do well in the field of their own good.Give up the things that you are not suitable for doing and have no absolute advantage. Do subtraction. Do not be greedy and complete.This year, we will do everything possible to ensure the production of summer grain, which is the top priority of China’s development. To put it in plain English, it means to get enough food first and then think about other things.From this point of view, governance is on the defensive.In terms of personal development, we should also guard and crawl slowly, discard what we don’t need and leave what we have a strong sense of gain. We should live rationally, develop quietly and live slowly.New 2022, we still have to work hard!In this new special period of life, never retreat, full of pride;Step by step, keep improving, make every day of your life worthwhile.