Why is Tong Jincheng so popular with beauties?In addition to long handsome, there is also a crucial point

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Balsam pear original, reproduction will investigate!Bitter melon e-sports – let you experience a different e-sports anchor circle!For otaku, there is a kind of live content but very attractive, that is outdoor live, whether it is outdoor anchor with this you feel delicious food, or look at the great rivers and mountains, are very good, so that otaku men have a feeling that they can feel the outside world without going out, good.And in some of the great outdoor anchor live broadcast, you can always see the usual can not see, is really very ornamental.It is worth mentioning that the outdoor love live content is also very popular, teach you how to fall in love and chat up beautiful women, very interesting.And mention outdoor affection anchor one elder brother, that must be tiger tooth tong Jincheng, because handsome appearance level, tong Jincheng but the eyes of the beauty of the xiangbobo oh, every live broadcast, tong Jincheng will have a different beauty in the studio little sister, anyway, the netizens are the eyes.As for why child jincheng so popular beauty, in addition to the long handsome, there is a point is also crucial, that is very close, other not to say, every time to see child jincheng and beauty interaction, child Jincheng is really very can consider for the beauty, but also let the beauty feel warm.Also, of course, sometimes the child on the to live effect of true feelings, children on the still did not pay well, just tell you how to communication, and sister, as long as you do it close enough, being single is not possible, child on is also revealed that in the beauty in the heart, close than money appearance level and, more important, is to make her think you know her, is enough.No matter the beauty or ordinary girl, as long as the child jincheng seriously up, did not take, can and watermelon sister staged true love kiss, no one.In fact, love world, are you love I wish, some black powder deliberately with rhythm, is also a bit too much, child Jincheng is sometimes very angry, hope black powder enough, unmarried women did not marry, where so much rhythm?I am bitter melon, I bring my own salt!(Without oil)