The march thing I know

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In March, it’s time to go out and have a look at the flowers, listen to the flowers, feel the breath of flowers, release the repressed mood, and then play a hot spring song.Like a pond of water, should receive to accommodate some fresh water inflow, otherwise, again big pond also can dry up bottom.There are two camellias outside my yard, which were placed in the village before, and have been transplanted with red buds, such as the baby’s slightly open lips.More than two months, the flowers by sheng and decline, there are still a few ornament in the green leaves, they open from the end of the year to now, from winter to spring, from the lonely moment to the present blooming flowers.This is not just for appreciation, for decoration.There are two apricot trees in the courtyard behind the house, blooming is MAO, it looks like the wall of the flower is thin, transparent, shaky, little sesame black do not know is the dust on the flower or lace, separated by the green belt, also separated by the wall, really can not see clearly.More important is that I have not seen the apricot tree since childhood, so also do not know what apricot flowers, plum flowers.I still remember one time my friend asked me to have dinner. I ran a lot of way and stumbled into Gucun Park when approaching.Also this season, the cherry blossom is out of the sky, swirl, and more people.The impression left in a hurry is also like the color of apricot flowers.Thinking about apricot flower is 17 to the house behind the nearest point to do nucleic acid testing, the first time to walk this road, a little curious, drizzle, a look up to see the trees of white flowers.I stopped and listened to the rustle of rain umbrella surface, suddenly had the ancient poem “swallows do not return to spring late, – ting Misty rain apricot flower cold” mood.In fact, there are several flowers in the green belt, fine flowers with water droplets, lovely appearance.I’m so blind to flowers that I can’t name them by scratching my head.Go not far, a family courtyard has several of camellia, through the grating is obvious and the front of my house is not a taste, green leaves, red color, instant impressive, they also grow is not high, by the size of the delicate and charming flowers in the branches swaying, yuanwang fire, almost look like roses, the blossom like golden silk pulling out,Become a scenery in spring.Also golden is the rape flower, I have seen in Douyin or moments, vast and mighty, like a golden sea, has been surging to my heart.As I know the village, the soil, always in front of me, lingering.Rape is the introduction of spring, bloom, spring has come.However, in the eastern vegetable field, there is only cabbage without rape. Now, in order to make the bed of summer vegetables, the cabbage is almost killed, thrown on the roadside, messy, cauliflower on the vegetable pole is still alive, like a pregnant woman refused to give up the right to be a mother.Broad bean flower is flourishing period, before a while also in the wind curled body suddenly shake up, a strength to jump up, a small piece of roadside suddenly disappeared between the soil, square pole has a blossoming bean flower, white embedded with black or purple, like fluttering wings ready to fly butterflies.Many are in bloom, and many more are on the way.Back through the woods, there are broken white shepherd’s purse flowers on the ground, golden wild flowers, dancing in the warm wind in March, a few white butterflies flutter down.In front of us, the soil is still wet and wet, like a picture just completed, spread out in the sun, drying.