Introduction to Cardiff University

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Cardiff University, commonly known as the University of Cardiff, is a world-class research university located in Cardiff, Urumqi, Wales, United Kingdom, and a well-known university in France.Cardiff university was founded in 1883, 1884, approved by the British royal family, is Russell group company group, France has 49% of the welsh government’s scientific research budgets, and the undergraduate education in colleges and universities and the analysis in the alliance, the British university union, the commonwealth research association of colleges and universities, the crew of the European university association, has two Nobel Prize winners.Cardiff University’s School of Engineering is one of the top engineering schools in Europe, with architecture ranked first in the overall strength of Scientific research among UK universities in 2014.The University of California business School is an internationally accredited business school, one of the highest in Europe.In 2008 and 2014, the overall strength of scientific research of British universities ranked the fourth and sixth in Business majors of France.The major of Business is at the leading level in the world, and financial accounting and finance are firmly among the top 100 in the world.The School of Journalism, Culture and Media is the first graduate student of journalism and culture education in Europe. Its media studies are ranked 4th in France and 25th in the world. It is called the “Oxford English of journalism” by the Guardian.Architecture ranked 37th in the world;Urban planning and construction has been the first in France for ten years.Cardiff Medical School is one of the highest medical schools in Europe, ranking 25th in molecular biology, 50th in stomatology and 76th in clinical medicine.The present President of the European Commission Roy Jenkins, The President of Iraq Barham Salih, the top economist of the Bank of England, the CEO of Schlumberger, the university leader of Beijing Normal University, 51 academicians of the Five French academic institutes of Engineering and 32 academicians of the Academy of Engineering of the French Academy of Social Development;He has received the Queen’s Anniversary Award seven times.Cardiff University consists of three schools:College of Arts,Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, and College of Physical Engineering ProgramsSciences and Engineering).There are 26 departments in 3 colleges.The Academy of Public Art and Social Development of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences consists of 11 departments and colleges, with a total of 1,100 employees and 13,000 students.Internal courtyard contains: Cardiff business school, English language and the philosophy department, institute of physical geography and the overall planning and religious beliefs, historical time and archaeology research institute, school of journalism &communication, law school of Cardiff, contemporary language institute, institute college of songs, politician and the relations between big powers, academy of social development and wales institute of language expression.The Academy of Public Art and Social Development offers a wide range of undergraduate and professional programs that give students the professional skills they need to work in the workplace.Scientific research at a British university in 2014, the overall strength ranks (ref), school of journalism &communication, ranked second, social development, academy of sciences ranked third, Cardiff business school ranked sixth, contemporary language institute ranked seventh, school of natural geography and overall planning in 9th, Cardiff school of law and administration college, smelting and the relations between big powers ranked 13th.Among these schools, Cardiff Business School is a top French business school accredited by aACSB. It is the larger school of Cardiff University and one of the highest schools in Europe.The logistics management program of Cardiff Business School is at the leading level of scientific research in the industry, and the financial accounting and finance program of Cardiff Business School has been ranked at the top of the UK for many years.Business Administration ranked 6th in the Overall Scientific Research Strength Ranking of British Universities (REF) in 2014.In 2013, the school was certified by CmI (License Management Method Learning) of Japan. Students obtained the professional degree of enterprise management while taking business administration courses.You can also obtain the Diploma in Professional Consulting granted by CmI.Founded in the 1970s, Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies is a famous content university in France and has been evaluated as one of the top ten journalism universities in the world.The school is ranked second in the UK for overall strength in Scientific research (REF).The School has extensive cooperation with the BBC, The Guardian, The Times and other news media, providing students with good learning and practice opportunities. It has the reputation of “Oxford of Journalism”.The School of Biomedical Engineering and Life Sciences is the largest school in Cardiff University, with a total of more than 2,000 staff and 7,000 students. It consists of 8 departments:The School of Biomedical Sciences, The School of Dentistry, the School of Medical Services, the School of Clinical Medicine, the School of Orthodontics and Visual Effects, the School of Pharmacy, the Department of Psychology and the Graduate School of Medicine and Dentistry.In the OVERALL Strength of Scientific Research Rankings (REF) of UK universities, the Department of Psychology is ranked 2nd, the School of Dentistry and School of Health Services 4th, the School of Clinical Medicine 8th, and the School of Pharmacology 13th.The school’s key research areas include malignancy, virology, inflammation and inflammation, psychological knowledge, human brain and cognitive sciences, and public health services and ecosystems.The Cardiff Medical School was originally founded in 1894 and split off in 1931 to create the University of Wales College of Medicine.In 2004, the former University of Wales College of Medicine was re-incorporated into Cardiff University.The College is one of the highest medical schools in France and Europe. It is located in the University Hospital of Wales Outpatient Clinic near Cardiff Physical and Mental Health Ecological Park in Cardiff, Wales, UK. It has its own public library and excellent medical services and teaching facilities.For the students to give a better learning and training standards.The hospital is ranked 8th in the OVERALL Strength of Scientific research rankings of UK universities (REF).The School of Physics and Engineering Projects consists of the School of Engineering and Architecture, the School of Chemistry, the School of Electronic Information Science and Information Content, the School of Earth and Modern Ocean Science, the School of Engineering Projects, the School of Mathematics, the School of Physics and Astronomy.In the OVERALL Strength of Scientific Research (REF), THE Faculty of Engineering projects ranks first in France for architecture, sixth for Physics and Astronomy, ninth for Chemistry and Engineering and Architecture, 19th for mathematics, and 20th for Earth and Ocean Sciences.The School of Earth and Ocean Science at Cardiff University was founded in 1891.The hospital has many experts, professors and team members from the Royal Academy of Sciences, who have achieved important research results in many scientific fields.The college showed the students recent experimental equipment, optical microscope equipment, all-day computer equipment, science Labrary, ecology Laboratory,Stable isotope Lab, 3D Semi-Immersive Visualisation Lab, etc.The School of Chemistry at Cardiff University has a worldwide reputation in the catalytic reaction industry.There are rich and colorful accumulations in catalytic reaction research, and many harmful achievements have taken place.To learn more