From today, a hospital in the city starts “noon non-stop action Week”

2022-06-05 0 By

Closed off after the Spring Festival, the city a hospital outpatient service in the hospital “peak”, to effectively alleviate the pressure of the outpatient service accepts, meet the demand of the patient’s medical treatment, medical experience, further improve the patients, a court in February 10 (Thursday) to February 17 (Thursday) to conduct a week-long noon outpatient, medical services for people with special time.During the “noon non-stop action Week”, all experts, specialists and general clinics extended the opening hours of outpatient clinics to provide continuous noon non-stop service.At noon, all medical and technical departments and service Windows will open normally, providing services such as registration, charging, appointment, examination and drug collection.Service location: The Headquarters of the First People’s Hospital of Qujing city and how to make an appointment in each hospital: 1. “The First People’s Hospital of Qujing City” wechat public account;2. Make an appointment at the hospital window.