Australian mother and daughter arrested for breaching quarantine order, say they are ‘defending their children’s future’ by not getting vaccinated

2022-06-05 0 By

A mother and daughter were handcuffed and taken away from a family restaurant by police after allegedly failing to comply with WA’s vaccination rules.Topolinis Caffe, north of Perth, is said to have been raided by a dozen police officers.Jodie Jardine, 51, one of the cafe’s owners, and her 22-year-old daughter spent much of Monday night in jail.Two people were charged under Emergency Management Act for allegedly operating an Italian restaurant without vaccination.Under mandatory vaccination requirements introduced in WA on January 31, all hotel staff in the state must have two doses of the vaccine or face stiff fines or even jail time.About 98% of WA residents are now fully vaccinated.Jardine said she was’ defending our children’s future ‘by not being vaccinated during her time at work.According to the report, a large number of police showed up at the restaurant, which dates back to 1998, around 5.30pm and officers and staff began a “confrontation”.Eventually, the unvaccinated mother and daughter were arrested and taken outside by police to a waiting car.Later that night, mother and daughter were finally taken back to the restaurant amid applause from the waiting crowd.”We were mother and daughter and we were both in the cell,” Jardine said.”We need to tell my grandson that we are being arrested for her or him because we are standing up for our children, my grandchildren, and that is what I am doing.I’m going to stand up for our children’s future, because if we don’t, we don’t have a future.””My daughter is braver than I am, but this is for the children, we do this for the children, always for the children.””I’m not sure what’s going to happen to the restaurant and my staff, all 20 of whom depend on me to pay their salaries.I don’t know if I need a lawyer to see where we go from here.”Police visited the premises at around 1pm and warned unvaccinated staff not to stay open.”Police spoke to the owners and staff and informed them of their obligations under the Emergency Management Act.””At around 5.30pm, the police returned and found the restaurant still open.Staff were asked to leave and the restaurant was closed by police.A 51-year-old woman and a 22-year-old woman were detained.”In addition, three other people in the restaurant were fined.On Tuesday, Governor Mark McGowan made no apologies for the police tactics, saying, “That’s the law, and people need to abide by it.”Jardine’s husband Phil said unvaccinated West Australians were “quarantined like Jews in Germany”, according to the Daily Mail.He said his restaurant allows unvaccinated customers in, and that about 90 percent of his employees are unvaccinated.