The Chinese women’s soccer team was blown 4 goals and still beat Vietnam. Should the National team learn from them?

2022-06-04 0 By

At the Spring Festival and the Chinese women’s team in Chinese football in very important match, Chinese football still strong in 12, though they out in advance, but they fight for honor, can be lost to Australia, can also be lost to the Japanese, but can’t loss to the Vietnam team, if the loss to the Vietnam team, then fan4 zhi4 yi4 was saying, now international face all don’t,Another loss will lose Vietnam, on the contrary, the Chinese women’s football team gave the Chinese men’s football team a vivid lesson, they fell behind first, finally came back, in the case of being blown 4 goals, but also can beat the other side, can the National football team do it?In Asia or the first-class standard, Chinese women’s football to compete with the Chinese women’s team is not much, not more than five teams such as South Korea, Japan, Australia, north Korea, the Chinese women’s team assigned to the team, the strength gap is obvious, only to make trouble is Vietnam team, Chinese women’s football team for India and Iran, more is to go through the motions, with Vietnam is not very well,Why do you say that?Because of the Chinese women’s team has entered the quarter-final, basically do not have encountered opponents in group, so against Vietnam, the Chinese women’s football a little lightly, sure enough, in their opening as long as you have lost the ball, but the girl did not in disarray, Chinese women’s football by wang shanshan and frost king played with two people, last frost king big shot, then wang shanshan and scored a goal,Offensive wave after wave, Vietnam team is more compression defense.The game has multiple goal disallowed, although some blow very reluctantly, but the Chinese women’s team did not care about, on the contrary still scored the game’s victory, suggests that the Chinese women’s team won the absolute strength, is not luck with each other, if the team’s have so strong power, with Chinese women’s national soccer team so easily the sorrow can’t Vietnam team?Huang Qiang thinks that the Chinese women’s football team and the Chinese men’s football team played Vietnam at the same time, which is the time to test the strength of the two teams. The Chinese women’s football team lost many goals, but still scored 3:The victory over Vietnam gave the National football team a vivid lesson, winning the game is not by luck, but by absolute strength, winning the other team when the whole game is dominant, not only the scene is beautiful, but also the result is satisfactory, do you think the National football team will surpass the achievements of the Chinese women’s football team?This article is the author huang Qiangwei on sports original article, declined to be reproduced, offenders will investigate!Picture material from the network, if there is something wrong, please contact the author to delete!