PSBC actively cut fees and profits to help small and micro enterprises

2022-06-04 0 By

For further implement the party central committee and the State Council to reduce cost and benefits policies, strict implementation of the People’s Bank of China, silver insurance regulatory commission, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), market supervision administration JiangFei measures to actively respond to industry initiative, the postal savings bank of China carried out seriously reduce the small micro enterprise, individual industrial and commercial households pay poundage and ATM interbank cash handling charge in the implementation of the policy, strengthen the plan as a whole and organization guarantee,We stepped up efforts to cut fees and make them more profitable, introduced a series of measures to cut fees, effectively lowered the overall financial costs of small and micro businesses, and effectively helped them cope with their worries and help them.PSBC has introduced preferential measures to reduce payment fees in a number of services, including bank account management, bill business, domestic corporate transfer and remittance, electronic banking, bank card swiping and receipt, ATM inter-bank cash withdrawal, etc., effectively reducing operating costs for small and micro enterprises.In strictly implement relevant JiangFei requirements at the same time, expand the scope of preferential policies, post office bank launched “corporate clients from check fee” “small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households confirmations poundage fifty percent discount” “individual clients from domestic debit card ATM interbank cash commission” many characteristic, such as relief measures, intensify service fee reduction and positive enterprise polity.Should adhere to fall down Earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of customers post office bank grasps “should fall do fall, should avoid all free” principle, in strict accordance with the ministry of industry and small micro enterprise row type standard to carry out the company’s customers the row type of work, for approaches to customer cannot be accurately defined, is more advantageous to the principle of customers, all in accordance with the small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households deduction standards,We will implement the policy of payment fee reduction to ensure the rights and interests of customers.By the end of 2021, PSBC had exempted and exempted 100 million yuan of commission fees for small and micro enterprises and individual businesses, and 120 million yuan of commission fees for individual customers’ inter-bank ATM withdrawals.Actively carry out publicity to fully protect customers’ right to know PSBC has regularly carried out publicity of fee reduction policies in the form of “offline + online”.Offline, through the LED screen of the lintels of the door to play the slogan of reducing fees in a loop, in the business hall to display propaganda leaflets and posters, Posting announcements, and visit the park, enterprises and business circles to make on-site speeches, improve customer touch effect.Online, through the official website, wechat public account, Weibo and other channels to expand the coverage of publicity, so that more small and micro enterprises, individual businesses and other market players know and enjoy the policy of fee reduction.At the same time, PSBC has strengthened personnel training and organized online training courses with more than 140,000 participants.Organizations at all levels actively carry out transfer training, organize the staff of branches to use the morning meeting and evening meeting to learn the policy of fee reduction, so as to accurately respond to customer inquiries, fully fulfill the obligation of customer notification, and continuously improve customer service level.In the next step, PSBC will actively fulfill its responsibilities as a large state-owned bank, continue to earnestly implement the policy requirements of reducing fees and transferring profits, strengthen efforts to benefit enterprises and the people, help small and micro enterprises to move forward lightly, and boost the high-quality development of the real economy.Edited by Nie Yao and reviewed by Feng Xiaogang