On New Year’s Eve, more than 50,000 police officers stood firm to protect the safety of Shencheng

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On New Year’s Eve, more than 50,000 policemen stick to their posts to guard Shencheng City on New Year’s Eve.On Lunar New Year’s Eve, Shanghai’s public security organs launched high-level duties, with more than 50,000 policemen standing firm at their posts to ensure the safe operation of the city.According to statistics, as of 0 o ‘clock today, the city did not have an influential criminal, public security cases, no major fire, traffic accidents, for 7 consecutive years to achieve the fireworks forbidden area “zero discharge” target.In the airport epidemic prevention front line, they make every effort to ensure the security of “abroad”;On urban construction sites, they choose to stay with their migrant brothers;At bustling city landmarks, they stepped up propaganda to ensure the orderly flow of people…Although different positions, different responsibilities, but these New Year’s Eve still stick to the people’s police, so that the public to obtain a full sense of happiness and security.Last night, in a piece of hot pot dense fragrance, the city public Security Bureau Minhang Branch Pudong International Airport epidemic prevention special shift C group leader Ding Defeng on duty.”Because of the nature of our work, we can rarely have family reunion dinners, especially in the epidemic prevention team.But we are the people’s police, should go up first!”Ding defeng paid for the hot pot out of his own pocket to let his colleagues on the job celebrate the Year of the Tiger.But after a few cursory bites, he dropped his chopsticks and said, “Leave me two meatballs for midnight snack.”Ding defeng expertly changed into protective clothing and returned to his station in the international arrivals area.Evening to late at night is to reach the peak, New Year’s Eve he had already prepared two tiger lights, ready to give the year of the ox the last passenger and the year of the tiger the first passenger.Due to the epidemic prevention requirements, there is no air conditioning in the area where the work station is located. “Even the mouse can freeze on the coldest day”.Although the conditions are difficult, but every policeman on duty are patient to do the explanation and guidance to the passengers.When checking in passengers, Ding always grumps: “Do not remove masks, and try not to eat or drink.”Ding’s squad is the only one in pudong International Airport’s 16 reception areas for foreign passengers whose staff are all made up of police officers.Since its establishment in March 2020, minhang Public Security Bureau has organized 2,554 police officers in 48 batches to take epidemic prevention and control work at the airport.At a construction site on Haimen Road, hongkou District, near Zhoujiazui Road, the canteen is filled with laughter.This year, 99 migrant workers chose to stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival.Eating dinner with them, and the north Bund police station police Tang Jianmin.As the construction of the north Bund accelerates, more than 20 construction sites are under construction within the police station’s jurisdiction alone, and the number of migrant workers in the area peaks at nearly 3,000.Although the vast majority of the site has a holiday in advance, but as a special police, Tang Jianmin said: “their most at ease is the holiday, fire prevention and anti-theft epidemic prevention to catch.”On New Year’s Eve, Tang Jianmin was still visiting the site, and every time he checked a dormitory, he affixed a safety seal. “This represents the hidden danger and left the safety.”Night falls, Haimen road construction site, Tang Jianmin moved to prepare in advance of 99 “safety red envelope.”Face masks, sanitizers, anti-fraud leaflets…Tang jianmin put all his instructions and care into this “red envelope” and brought a New Year’s blessing to the migrant workers.At 9 o ‘clock yesterday morning, the city public Security Bureau Changning branch Tianshan police station police Sun Ligang, has appeared in the spinning large residential area of the “community dining hall” activity room, waiting for residents to arrive.In order to respond to all kinds of police situation and help in residential areas as soon as possible, a few years ago, Sun Ligang directly put his home in the community.On New Year’s Eve, Sun and neighborhood committee officials organized activities such as writing Spring Festival couplets and making dumplings in order to better integrate everyone into community life.After eating dumplings, Sun Ligang hurried back to the police office.In a moment, he will be “Baymax”, and the “three team” of a transfer back to the isolation of residents to inform the door.This to Sun Ligang, has long been the norm.”Frequent disinfection, more ventilation, reduce the gathering of people.” “Frequent disinfection, more ventilation, reduce the gathering of people, be sure to guide guests to wear masks, hand sanitizer and other disinfection items must be placed in the store.”Yesterday morning, the sun was just right, many people chose to go out, the City public Security Bureau Jing ‘an Branch Jing ‘an Temple police station pan Chao led a team, jing ‘an Temple shopping malls near the epidemic prevention and control publicity.Pan Chao, who has not had a regular lunar New Year’s Eve dinner with his family for many years, is also on the front line of Spring Festival security this year.At noon, just finished the last inspection work before the Spring Festival, Pan chao hurried to have a “New Year’s lunch” with his colleagues, and quickly threw himself into the New Year’s Eve security “big test”.”Don’t rush. Watch your step!”Standing on the watchtower of the Jiuqu Bridge square, Zhang Jia, a police officer from the Yuyuan Police Station of huangpu Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, guided the tourists on the bridge to walk more, avoid gathering in groups, and pay attention to personal protection with masks.Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn