Ningxia Public security drug administration department to strengthen law enforcement linkage and cooperation

2022-06-04 0 By

Ningxia Public Security Department and Ningxia Medical Products Administration recently jointly issued the Implementation Measures of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region for Law Enforcement Cooperation in Combating Illegal and Criminal activities in the pharmaceutical field, to promote the normalization and standardization of joint law enforcement by public security and pharmaceutical administration departments, and to form a strong joint force for the targeted crackdown on illegal and criminal activities in the pharmaceutical field.Ningxia Public Security Department and Ningxia Drug Administration combined with the actual work, after many times of communication and repeated brewing, research and development of the “Measures”.Close drug regulatory administrative law enforcement and criminal justice cohesion, improve drug regulatory enforcement district, city and county level 3 linkage mechanism, adhere to the “on the previous step, active as a” job concept, strengthen the collaboration with the agency at all levels, promote the crackdown on the prospective, early warning, pertinence and actual effect, achieve common maintain security of drug and the market economic order.It is understood that ningxia public security organs will further deepen the joint law enforcement, actively cooperate with the drug regulatory department to carry out law enforcement inspection;Further strengthen the case investigation work, timely communication on major and complex drug illegal and criminal cases, effectively form a joint force to fight, improve the quality of handling cases.The agency will be according to the demand of the public security organs, in the field of related links and provide strong technical support, play the advantages of early intervention, complementary resources, to further improve the “+” prevention and control of law enforcement and security system, promote the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice seamless, combating drug illegal and criminal activities, to provide solid guarantee for the district people’s safety,To protect the healthy, orderly and high-quality development of ningxia pharmaceutical industry.(Reporter Hu Jun)