Messi has been awarded by the authority again!While playing for Barcelona, he became the single club’s all-time leading scorer

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According to the report on February 26th, Messi has been awarded by the authority again!Because when he played for Barcelona, he became the single club’s all-time leading goalscorer!The organization that gave messi the prize is the prestigious IFFHS (International Federation for the History and Statistics of Football).They presented messi with the single club top scorer award, the 11th award he has received from the authority.Messi won the award only this year, but he broke the record when he played for Barcelona, two years ago.The record was set by Pele, who posted his congratulations on social media.Pele said there are not many players who have been with the same club for as long as they have.But perhaps because of pele’s curse, messi was officially announced to leave Barcelona the year after he said he was a long-term player.Of course, IFFHS calculated messi’s time frame for the award as he officially left Barcelona last year, in 2021.Messi was introduced to Barca’s first team in 2004 and scored his first goal through Ronaldinho. He scored 672 goals in 17 years until his departure in 2021.It was the first goal for a single club in history.Second all-time is Pele, beaten by Messi in 2020, who scored 645 goals for Brazilian club Santos between 1957 and 1974.Messi and Pele are also the top two all-time scorers for a single club and the only two players on this list to have scored more than 600 goals.Messi is the only player in the top 10 to debut in the new century, and the only one who hasn’t retired yet.The rest of the top 10, some of them are old names that were active in the 1930s.Pele is the closest thing to Messi in terms of age.In terms of goals, Messi is the first supergiant in history.He has this record and more.Messi, for example, has the most goals scored in a single natural year in history — 91.Messi has six European golden boots, the most in history;Messi has 8 La Liga golden boots, the most in history;Messi won la Liga golden boot for 5 consecutive years, the first in history;Messi has scored at least 40 goals in 12 years, the most in history.Messi leads all of his peers in scoring statistics and efficiency.Messi was awarded the IFFHS goalscorer award as well as the assists and midfield awards.The IFFHS, for example, has repeatedly recognized Messi as the world’s number one midfielder, and the IFFHS has also recognized Messi as the all-time number one midfielder ahead of Zinedine Zidane and Xavi (although they have defined it this way, the award was only awarded in the new century, so it does not include midfielders from the last century).He is the only player in the history of the five major leagues to have at least 200 assists. Messi is also the first player in the history of five major leagues in a single year with 38 assists in 2011.