Home visit SUBDEATH’s digital static headphone system

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I found the sound difference between playing local music using ROON and Extreme Direct on this system to be significant, and I would definitely go for the latter — even though ROON’s interface is clearly superior.That’s not to say ROON doesn’t sound good on the TAIKO — in fact, ROON does the best it can, but when it comes to in-memory playback, the advantages are clear: the sound is more thorough and, more importantly, more balanced and solid, making it more pleasant to listen to than ROON.This feeling is consistent with the last time I compared ROON playback to CelPlayer (which is essentially an in-memory playback) on the nServer.Memory playback is significantly better than ROON sound.All I can say is that ROON is not simply the best sound player.ROON is after the ability to integrate music services, but it’s not a “player software” with the best sound quality.In fact, owner SUBDEATH says he knows the Extreme Direct sounds better, but he uses ROON more often because it’s more convenient.If I were the owner of the device, I would probably make a different choice and play local music mainly with Extreme Direct and streaming only with ROON.For me, on this particular system, listening carefully, ROON is always a relief.Switch to memory play to make up for this tone.And if this tone wants to use wire to “fill”, it is very difficult.If you use Extreme Direct, the stress on the wire is much less.Gerald_win 2022-2-5 06:55 Time for sub to consider box systemThe headphones are dead.The room is not big, be regarded as a study, want to play box can only be bookcase, but the earphone play to this point, the ear keep sly, bookcase is hard to satisfy.This will have to wait for a new room.