Haisi Sea Poetry Anthology (2022) (3) “Assuming a Hope”

2022-06-04 0 By

Where has happiness gone, Where has time gone Looking for tomorrow, looking for a way to dream Happiness is lost, time is lost you are lost, you are lost lose everything.Is it regret or pain?Is there an answer to what you’re looking for?Or are you at a loss or do you now know what pain is perhaps, do not know the meaning of happiness do not know, do not know whether to assume a hope for tomorrow?Where is love on the way?Is there no love in you or in your heart?, no hope, no happiness, and the lake is still there, is still on the bottom with a fish in water, and your happy appearance and lake breeze stroke face and the hugs and kisses why happiness is always so brief, why do I want to fall in love with you, can forget all the pain is a kind of profound love makes me crazy love,Let me feel happy Hope is full of hope for tomorrow Let me assume a hope, including love for you Let the spring wind blow my face, let the autumn wind blow my face Let me cry for missing Let me really have a hope a existence of love, a hope of love (2022)