Guizhou Provincial Museum will start to offer charging service on March 1st, please see the fee here

2022-06-04 0 By

February 18, the guizhou province museum announcements about the interpretation of the service charge: to better serve the audience, and meet the practical requirements, the audience of artificial interpretation service in guizhou province museum provide two basic display free interpretation service regularly every day, on the basis of March 1, 2022 charges on service (pay per session, each number 50 people).Charging standards are as follows: 1. Basic display (1) Lecture duration: 90 minutes/session (2) Charging standards: (Chinese lecture) One-star commentator: 100 YUAN/session two-star commentator: 120 yuan/session three-star commentator: 140 yuan/session four-star commentator: 160 yuan/session five-star commentator: 180 yuan/session 2.Temporary exhibition (1) Duration of presentation: 30-45 minutes/exhibition (2) Charge standard: (Chinese explanation) Charge for exhibition in Hall 6:100 YUAN/exhibitionExplanation fee discount: 20% discount for military certificate, disability certificate and medical certificate.Tips: If you need to charge for explanation, please call 0851-84811809 one day in advance to reserve and pay on-site.Guizhou Provincial Museum still provides two basic exhibitions every day for free.Lecture time: 10:00, 14:30