Talent training new mode, Tihu car to create advanced internal training system

2022-06-03 0 By

The rapid development of economy has led to the rapid development of the automobile industry. With the gradual expansion of automobile consumer groups, the consumption requirements are getting higher and higher, and the automobile aftermarket is also facing reform and acceleration.The traditional model of the old generation of auto repairmen with apprentices has obviously been unable to meet the needs of the current era.As a digital automotive aftermarket service provider with high brand recognition, Tuhu Automobile knows the importance of talent training.Seize the way tiger maintain industry management standards, service standards, personnel training, standards and the lack of prominent problems, it has been internally developed a perfect training system, help more comprehensive mechanics talents growth and transformation, to solve the current problem of automobile industry was very scarce high-quality professional talents, deliver more high-quality fresh blood to the industry.Standardized management and excellent quality services are not only necessary for the development of the industry, but also the demand of the market.The traditional training mode of master and apprentice in auto repair shops not only cannot guarantee standardized and high-quality learning results, but also mostly focuses on learning technology itself, with almost complete blank in service attitude and after-sales maintenance.Tuhu car through a set of advanced training links from primary to senior, even expert level, giving consideration to professional technology and service process, the assessment of vocational skills gradually standardized, process.In addition to the complete training link, the high efficiency training mechanism of tuhu’s internal training system is far beyond the industry standard.Road tiger subsidy in addition to the offline training, but also opened up the online learning platform of cloud, technicians need to platform within the prescribed time on learning online course, through the in-class test, section examination methods such as self appraisal, finally, in accordance with the standards of road tiger operation requirements to the operation process of shooting and upload, after the background has been verified, technicians can truly orders.At the same time, technicians can also learn more skills through the platform at any time according to their own needs and abilities, which is a very favorable plus for technicians to enhance their value and career.This training mechanism in strict and efficient training at the same time also strengthen the technician’s learning initiative.With the change of times, the old generation of auto repair people are gradually withdrawing from the industry stage, and fresh blood has gradually become the main force supporting the auto repair market.Growing up under the strict internal training system, they have excellent learning ability and excellent professional skills, and pay more attention to the sense of achievement brought by work.In the current market constantly changing, the auto repair industry wants to continue to develop forward, it needs more excellent enterprises like Tuhu car to stand up, establish a standardized advanced talent training system, continue to blood transfusion for the development of the industry, and jointly build a better automobile aftermarket.