Net profit 2.3 billion!Tesla releases Q4 and 2021 earnings

2022-06-03 0 By

Tesla generated $2.6 billion in net profit for the 2021 Q4 and set a record of 940,000 vehicle deliveries in 2021.Just now, Tesla released its Q4 and 2021 earnings report, which showed that tesla has achieved surprisingly high growth once again. The numbers are very good, especially deliveries and profit margins, which have reached new highs.Behind all of this, it’s hard to imagine Tesla growing so strongly after reaching a market cap of $941.4 billion.Even apple, the world’s most valuable company, hit a growth plateau that year when it was on the verge of breaking the trillion-dollar mark, forcing Cook to adjust his strategy.Tesla offline stores specifically look at tesla’s financial report!Q4’s operating cash flow (free cash flow) after capex was $2.8 billion, and Q4’s cash and cash equivalents totaled $17.6 billion, up $1.5 billion!Cash flow is abundant enough to show that Tesla does not have to worry about money, at least has enough to deal with the chip shortage and supply chain crisis!Tesla reported Q4 GAAP operating profit of $2.6 billion, operating margin of 14.7%, Q4 GAAP net profit of $2.3 billion, non-GAAP net profit (excluding share payment expenses) of $2.9 billion, Q4 GAAP automotive gross margin of 30.6% (29.2% after deducting points revenue), it is worth noting thatDifferent from other car companies, Part of Tesla’s income comes from selling carbon credits, so domestic car companies can learn from Tesla, because this part of income is also very objective!In addition, the most shocking thing is that in the past 2021, Tesla created a delivery record of about 940,000 vehicles. In 2021, the annual production capacity under the efficiency of Q4 has exceeded 1.22 million vehicles, which is strong enough to crush a number of car companies.Why Did Tesla deliveries increase 87% in 2021?On the one hand, the global energy crisis has accelerated the conversion of traditional energy to clean energy, prompting more people to choose new energy vehicles actively or passively.In addition, the resurgence of the global pandemic has raised fears of instability, prompting people to switch to new energy vehicles and reduce their purchases of conventional vehicle fuels.Of course, in the context of the global call for carbon neutrality, countries to vigorously promote new energy also promoted the further increase of Tesla sales!Look to the future, as the tesla factory in Shanghai and Austin and Berlin, fremont factory capacity continued ascent, the next tesla’s sales volume is expected to be further improved, and the change in his attitude as countries on autopilot, believe that tesla FSD can in the future one day into the world, thus greatly facilitate people’s travel!Why does Tesla do almost no marketing?Because Tesla’s strength is hard advertising, and the advertising cost saved has been fully returned to the majority of consumers.Expect better results from Tesla in 2022!