An yixuan’s husband arrested, macau casino the strongest stacked code son and a plant

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There are new developments in the high-profile case of James Chow.Following the lead of James Chow, Taiwan actress Ann Yixuan’s husband, Chen Ronglian, who is also a former casino tycoon, has also been arrested.Two of the most prosperous men in the current Macao stacking code, after the success of the position, married Bai Fumei, on the peak of life, but one after another to the end.On January 30, according to the web, citing the east network news in Hong Kong, Macao sun city group director Zhou Chaohua people, such as in November last year alleged gambling, gambling illegal management crime in the mainland group and clean money, by the macau police arrested, judicial police arrested two people, the Macao SAR government and press conference held at 10 am today special account details of a case.The Macao Police department held a special press conference at 10 am today. The police said that after an analysis and investigation, they stopped a suspect surnamed Chen and a suspect surnamed CAI at a hotel in Macao’s New port area on 28, and were arrested on suspicion of illegal gambling and money laundering. The two refused to cooperate during the questioning.A search of their cotai home and office in the Imperial district revealed a large amount of criminal evidence, including 4.1 million Hong Kong dollars (about $3.34 million) in cash, computers and servers.They will be transferred to the local prosecutor’s office.The Macao Police department said that the investigation showed that the suspect, surnamed Chen, mainly controlled the group to operate online gambling illegally, while the suspect, surnamed CAI, assisted The suspect to conduct the related activities.Although different criminal gangs were arrested in this case and the James Chow case in November last year, the investigation revealed that they were all involved in a joint criminal act. Details of this case are still under investigation and will not be made public.On the evening of November 29, 2021, the Procuratorate of the Macao Special Administrative Region disclosed some details of the James Chau case:The syndicate headed by Zhou is suspected of setting up an illegal online live broadcast betting platform in the Philippines based on Macao, attracting mainland residents as the main customers through “live broadcast scenes”, and transferring the illegal proceeds through underground banks using company accounts in Macao.According to the official bulletin, to obtain illegal interests, Zhou Chaohua development personnel level agents, agents and gambling for shareholders in a high credit, the promotion of the gambling business, provide transport service and technical support, means, organize Chinese citizens to travel to the overseas contracted gambling gambling hall, cross-border online gambling activities;In addition, it used underground banks and other illegal channels to provide funds settlement services for gamblers, and gradually formed a cross-border gambling syndicate with fixed staff and well-defined hierarchy, led by Chau Chack Hua and Zhang Ningning.By The end of July 2020, the criminal group had developed a total of 199 stockholder agents, more than 12,000 gambling agents, and more than 80,000 gambling members in China. The amount of money involved was particularly huge, which seriously hindered China’s social management order.Chau Chack-wah was arrested on suspicion of running a casino.Stack code son’s counterattack mentioned Chen Ronglian, “rich”, “casino upstart”, “marry female star” is the most significant three labels on its body.Early Chen Ronglian act low-key, rare in the news.After her relationship with Taiwanese actress An Yixuan was revealed in 2016 and her marriage was announced the following year, Chen has repeatedly appeared in the entertainment news for her generous treatment of her wife and children.According to Taiwan media reports, on Chen Ronglian’s arrest, An Yixuan’s agent said, “entertainer private matters do not respond, thank you.”The last update on his social media was on January 13.Chen Ronglian is different from many celebrities who are plagued by gossip. In many entertainment news stories, Chen ronglian is the benchmark for all kinds of “silent men and women cry” stories.When he married An Yixuan, Chen Ronglian sent 10 carat diamond ring;On Mr. An’s birthday, Ms. Chen gave him a diamond necklace worth about NT $60 million and a Rolex diamond watch worth ABOUT NT $3.8 million.An yixuan gave birth to his son and gave away four mansions worth about NT $2.4 billion.In October last year, Ahn posted on social media that he had given Chen Ronglian a 10.22-carat diamond to celebrate his daughter’s first birthday.The story of the wealthy Chen ronglian and An Yixuan is a macau underdog’s comeback.Chen Ronglian is a native of Jinjiang, Fujian province. After graduating from primary school, he went to Macao with his brother and stayed with his uncle.”After graduating from school in Macao, I started working in casinos and got familiar with the gambling industry,” Chen recalled in a previous report by Caijing Weekly.It was the height of macau’s casino boom that transformed Ms. Chan from a stacking boy into someone who would begin to change the landscape of macau’s gambling industry.The so – called stack code son, is the gambling middleman’s common name actually.According to the industry, there would be no VIP lounge in Macau without Zipcode, which usually employs such intermediaries to attract customers and help them open accounts, deposit funds and “matchmaking” loan sharks, from which zipcode earns commissions and spreads on loans.In 2007, Chen Ronglian founded Tecjin Group, the first gambling hall opened in galaxy Entertainment (00027.HK) Star Hotel casino, tecjin later developed into the head of macau gambling hall group, second only to Sun City.Besides Macau, Teching has contracted many gambling halls in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and other regions.In September 2020, Chen Ronglian became a shareholder of Reed Macau (01680.HK) and purchased 1.28 billion shares of Reed Macau from the off-market at HK $1.05 per share, spending 1.344 billion yuan to increase her stake from 0.11% to 20.75%. Chen and his wife replaced Chow Jinhui, co-chairman of Reed Macau.To become the company’s largest shareholder.Chow kam Fai is the former associate of the late Stanley Ho, known as the “head horse” and “wise man” of the gambling king.According to Zhou Jinhui himself, the industry is he carried forward, “WHEN I entered 82 years, every month is only to earn 200 million, when I leave every month to earn 4 billion.”When Mr Chan took over, the shares held by Mr Chow and his wife Mrs Chan fell from 29.89 per cent to 9.89 per cent. Mr Ho’s third wife, Ms Chan, is the third largest shareholder with 16.28 per cent.The change of ownership of the first major shareholder of Lai Chun Macao symbolizes that these young people have begun to replace the “former wave” and change the pattern of Macao’s gambling industry. This is probably the most glorious moment for Chen Ronglian.Not everyone has the luck of Chau And Chan Wing-lian, and just because Chau and Chan have made it big doesn’t mean they can rest easy.In the indictment disclosed by China Procuratorial Website, the six VIP halls of Macao’s gaming intermediary industry ranked by market share frequently appeared in gambling-related cases, among which sun City was involved in the most cases.Since 2019, there have been five indictments involving Macao Decjin Group, one of which directly pointed out that Decjin Group had illegally opened cross-border gambling in the mainland with the role of collusion and cooperation.According to the indictment, In May 2017, Dejin Group conspired with Wei Pinliang, a native of Jiangsu province, to open online gambling in the mainland. Dejin Group provided the website and betting account, and sent the gambling pictures of Dejin Hall in Manila to Wei pinliang’s tea shop in Yixing and other places.From 2017 to 2019, Wei spent 15 million Hong Kong dollars to invest in Dejin, and hired specials to book air tickets, accommodation, and arrange gambling in the gambling halls of Dejin and Sun City for more than 50 gamblers, involving more than 170 million yuan of gambling money.At the time of James Chau’s arrest, Guan Finance reported in an article titled “Trying to Clean up the Underworld with patriotism” that The Internet gambling platform He controlled, Sun City, was criticized by the media as the “biggest poppy blossom” in China.Just like Chack-Wah chau, Chan also donated 5 million yuan to the Education Development Foundation of Jinjiang No. 1 Secondary School five months ago.However, just two months after Chau was arrested, Chen Wing-lian was also arrested by Macao police.”As long as I can do what my hometown needs, I will do it,” Chen said in the report about the donation.However, no one is willing to see the children from their own to go out of the end of a police arrest, hometown elders hope he law-abiding, he Chen Ronglian failed to do.This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.