Tianjin Tianjin tigers have imposed a transfer ban on Jenson Barton, who is feared to be affected

2022-06-02 0 By

On February 11, Beijing time, the relatively quiet Chinese Super League, is not always coming some bad news, after hebei announced the postponement of winter training, Tianjin Tianjin Tiger received the news of FIFA transfer ban also caused concern.Just now, tianjin Tianjin tiger was punished by the reason finally exposed, and this will affect the tianjin Tianjin Tiger new season of the recruitment work.This is the second time in less than a year that the tianjin Tianjin Tigers have been slapped with a FIFA transfer ban on registering new players, following last June.According to Football this morning, the transfer embargo relates to former international Jonathan.After Jonathan was injured at the end of August 2020, he was removed from the tianjin Tigers squad.Then, in January 2021, the long-gone Jonathan blasted the team in a post on his social media account, claiming that the team did not deserve his loyalty.Later, he first joined the then Chinese First division team Chengdu Rongcheng and then went on loan to the K-League.But who also did not think, Tianjin Tianjin tiger and the long left the foreign aid still have entanglements.According to Football, the lawsuit between Tianjin Jinmenhu and Jonathan involved more than 10 million yuan, which was banned by FIFA after the club failed to pay the fee within the stipulated time limit.As long as the Tianjin Tigers make up Jonathan’s debt, the ban can be lifted immediately, but if the delay continues, then even the previously announced Barton will not be able to complete the registration of the new season.The transfer market network in China of the administrator asaikana had been in a social account button the signings of explanation, said that despite barton last season has been on loan at tianjin guinness tiger, but according to the regulation, the player also belong to the new registered players, so tianjin barton guinness tiger want to complete transfer, you must first remove the FIFA’s transfer ban.In addition to Patton, Tianjin Tianjin tiger also finalized a foreign aid introduction aid.According to Football, Tianjin Tianjin have reached an agreement with a Slovenian international striker who is due to join the club next month, but the move could be affected if the transfer embargo is not lifted.The transfer ban may affect not only the club’s signings but also the club’s share reform.Like many other clubs, Tianjin Tianjin Tigers have been seeking new investors since last season, but according to Football, they have received no positive feedback so far, and the club’s share reform is stalled like most.Now the transfer embargo involves tens of millions of dollars of debt, which will only add to the obstacles they face in seeking new investors.In addition, Tianjin Tianjin Tigers have no echelon at present, want to rely on the internal potential to survive the new season is not realistic.The best course of action would be to pay Jonathan what he owes, but there is no timetable for when the matter will be resolved.