Serve the Winter Olympics!The customs protected over 8,000 inbound visitors

2022-06-02 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, January 30 (reporter Liu Hongxia)The Winter Olympics in Beijing are just around the corner.Beijing Customs supervised 178 inbound flights and 8,018 people for the 2022 Winter Olympics from Jan 1 to 29, the General Administration of Customs (GAC) said On Wednesday.On the basis of strict supervision and quarantine, the customs will implement the “one aircraft, one policy” guarantee plan according to the flight situation, and try to reduce the clearance time of people involved in the Olympics as much as possible, according to the circular.The P2 laboratory will be enabled to form an expert group on the Customs system for Novel Coronavirus detection technology, and the exchange of detection technology with the local joint prevention and control mechanism will be strengthened to minimize the time for the issuance of test results.The customs has upgraded and improved the function of health declaration, translated health declaration cards in 15 languages and added the function of accessing health declaration information using passport numbers, the circular said.The Capital Airport is equipped with 59 all-in-one self-service declaration and verification machines and 10 sets of intelligent temperature measurement and release channels, realizing self-declaration of health information in 12 languages, automatic release of gate machines, and insensitive entry of temperature measurement, and reducing the time of health declaration and verification for each incoming passenger by nearly 30%.Also released by the General Administration of Customs, the Beijing 2022 Olympics and the winter paralympics notice for customs clearance, for inbound and outbound goods and personnel from the registered information, temporarily imported goods tax guarantee, import the former record, import goods customs clearance of examination and approval, and personal items regulation, reporters equipment customs clearance and so on eight aspects to provide detailed guidance.Beijing Customs, as the competent customs, has launched a series of facilitation measures to ensure smooth customs clearance of materials for the Winter Olympics.From March 25, 2021, when the first batch of temporary imported goods for the Winter Olympic Games entered China, to January 25, 2022, relevant materials have basically completed their entry into China. Beijing Customs has supervised and examined 890 pieces of imported goods worth about 2.339 billion yuan.(End) (Source: Xinhua)