Seek the night in the day

2022-06-02 0 By

Has found himself in the hot state age big dream little dazed and confused has not been too mature uncle lonely quietly leave the remaining dependence on the beer cigarettes slowly like a person to sleep with the light open an inferior cigarette close your eyes and remembering the past enjoy close your eyes swim under incandescent lamp in the dark of your it may look a little negative fortunately is clear in my mindIn the cross of business or love let it be let it go and brave in the face of all is the real problem need to face don’t know how time passed suddenly felt the rotor of cigarette burn in the hand is the need to be sober-minded even if you are talented or common fear was the best thing to do is to overcome fear that you can’t find my career encountered setbacks will you scaredDo you care about the disappointment in love Do you still remember who you are Do you still remember the words you said you are still the brightest light in this dark world the darkness before the dawn is leaving immediately the dawn of victory is beckoning to you at the age of thirty