Police rushed thousands of miles, only to see this “network red” anchor!

2022-06-02 0 By

Some people travel thousands of miles to find love others travel thousands of miles to make up for a land they’ve never seen and some people travel thousands of miles to meet a network anchor…On January 10, the White Horse Bridge police station received a report from the public that they were cheated of more than 10,000 yuan by brushing bills.After receiving alarm, police launches investigation quickly, flow through capital, locked bank card holder Lei Mou, but through further investigation, discover Lei Mou is not true however “black hand behind the curtain”, how is this one and the same?Go thousands of miles, finally “meet” originally, Lei lives in Guangzhou, is a network anchor, can rely on live broadcast alone can not earn much money.On Jan 10, short of money, he went to his wechat friend “Lao xiang” and sold his two bank cards, making 500 yuan.Before Lei covered the money heat, his bank card was involved in a single brush fraud case, used to “money laundering”, a short day, the capital flow amounted to more than 100,000 yuan.On January 11, white horse bridge police station police came to Guangzhou, will lei mou successfully captured.At present, Lei mou has been detained by criminal law.They hunt people down, they don’t miss a single criminal, they can restore the truth of the case when they’re sleepy, they nap in a chair and wake up and get back to work when they’re hungry and a bucket of instant noodles is the best meal they don’t have superpowers,As long as someone is better than the super hero illegal even chase to the end of the world will give up this is the sorghum will once again remind every citizen must keep your bank card, phone card don’t let a little light let yourself become a criminal accomplices oh sources: review of white horse bridge station: greetings, li xing ningxiang public security trill number: nxga