Such new Chinese style furniture, it is in the market independent walk alone, do not retreat popular existence

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Age in progress, people’s aesthetic also continue to be refreshed, along with the popular household decorates a style also become rapidly changing each year, but in many household decorates a style, the new Chinese style household is the existence of independent walk alone, it back at a new and familiar face, and hot flashes an upsurge in countries, which is a kind of not popular household style.New Chinese style furniture, on the basis of the traditional aesthetics of China joined the modern design, using the modern material and technology, to deduce the essence of traditional culture to the public, let furniture has not only the Chinese classical elegant breath, and not lack of contracted characteristics, modern people need it in the Chinese style furniture of the past the good parts, in addition to the traditional Chinese style of tedious and boring,The perfect fusion of Chinese elements and modern elements presents a comfortable beauty.This beauty is not only from China’s traditional aesthetics, but also “enjoy life” is the result of designer in one’s dream, under the standard of traditional aesthetics, the use of modern materials and technology, deduce the classic of traditional Chinese culture essence, again, with obvious characteristics of modern but does not lose quietly inside collect, such household atmosphere more highlights the owner’s taste,Let a person be immersed in the lasting appeal of elegance of Chinese style, such furniture calls furniture of new Chinese style.New Chinese style style to extract the essence of classical elements, and collision with modern fashion, let a space out multifarious, say goodbye to dull, is sending out the elegant, beautiful atmosphere, it will all change numerous for brief, on the basis of the modelling of acme contracted, delicate decoration with Chinese style element on collocation, make whole bedroom is stylish,Deep ancient rhyme is permeated with a few modern breath.How to choose new Chinese style furniture?Although the new Chinese style is so chic aesthetic feeling, but not all of the new Chinese style is worth it, we can from these points, first of all new Chinese style furniture basically used solid wood, wood wen run is exquisite, surface luster, second class wood furniture sends out a light faint scent, smell fresh, also helps people to sleep,But if open door of drawer cupboard these places, smell strong pungent taste, the making technology that explains furniture does not pass the barrier, and the likelihood used a lot of man-made board.In addition, there will be fake real wood in the new Chinese furniture, for wood requirements must pay more attention to observe whether the texture of the inside and outside can be corresponding, the material on the contract can be corresponding with the real object to identify more, and the new Chinese furniture generally ink lines and oil spots are more obvious.The last is the making craft of new Chinese style furniture, observe whether the surface of the grinding process is in place, it will affect the service life of furniture, at the same time, the surface may also be so appear fade out even the phenomenon of skin, the new Chinese style furniture should be an age itself, natural products, of course also want from rational quality will do a good job, appearance and strength to walk the long road.