Simons 34 points, Shanxi trounced Guangzhou, the total score of 2-1 eliminated opponents into the CBA quarterfinals

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Shanxi beat Guangzhou 114-93 in the first round of the CBA playoffs, eliminating its opponents 2-1 on aggregate and reaching the quarterfinals.First, as the only game 3 in the first round of the playoffs, the series was so close that the two teams were indeed even.Before the playoffs began, the conventional wisdom was that the guangzhou-Shanxi series, ranked eighth and ninth in the regular season, would be the closest of the first round.Put aside the jilin following gram on sweep Beijing shougang’s surprise, this round of Guangzhou Shanxi’s first two battles, the two sides each win a game, whether from the field situation, or the overall strength of both sides, are reasonable.The long and short boards on both sides were evident in both games.Guangzhou has several problems.First, the team lacks star players who can hit clutch shots. They are essentially a blue-collar team.Second, the team’s two liners lack the minimum hardness of a good one, which they call a space five.Third, the team lacks consistent three-point shooters.The problems in Shanxi are equally obvious.First, the offense relies too much on the 3-point shot, and the offense relies too much on Felder and Yuan.Second, the team’s poor defense.Third, the team’s interior movement is too slow.Fourth, the team lacks good local point guards.When all is said and done, the third encounter between the two sides thus becomes pure bayonet red.Second, although Zheng Is still very accurate in the first quarter of the game, Guangzhou team still exposed the overall lack of internal and external strength.Today’s first section of the game, and the two sides of the last clash no two to, is still Shanxi did not solve zheng Jun’s defense problems.Today Zheng Zhun and leaf two mobile mobile strong inside, so that Ge Zhaobao and Xing Zhiqiang in a dilemma.It was obvious that both leaf’s dribbling inside and Chung’s continuous shooting from the outside made Yang xue-zeng lead a first and two big shots.Obviously, Yan Pengfei and Ge Zhaobao slow short board, so guangzhou interior has a natural mobile advantage.However, the past two games, Guangzhou team all lost the rebound, this hard strength gap, is no solution.In the first quarter of the game, Guangzhou team still lost the rebound, but their three-point shot only opened zheng Zhun one point, for Guangzhou, Chen Yingjun could not open this point, even not more than 20 points, their win is almost impossible.Because the guangzhou team now, the qualification is really mediocre, they scored only four points, Zheng Jun, Chen Yingjun, leaf and Zhu Mingzhen.Relative to the pitcher and two big inside line stationed in Shanxi, in fact, the overall strength of the Guangzhou team is slightly insufficient.Third, Simmons became the surprise of the game, Guangzhou team exposed their two – and – three defensive ability of the huge shortcomings.In summing up the game after the first blowout, Guo said the team lost because it wasn’t used to the intensity of the playoffs, didn’t play tough enough, played poor defense and lost rebounds.The second game, Guangzhou team really in the defensive end of the hardness, let Shanxi’s small foreign aid Field is very uncomfortable.Put aside the guangzhou team’s large scale defense is too connived at by the referee not to say, field was restricted, is indeed the biggest failure of the Shanxi team.Today, with Felder still in the spotlight, Simmons got more time.In the past two games, Simmons has scored 21 points and 15 points, respectively, and his form is clearly improving from the regular season.In fact, the most important reason for the strength of Simmons is because of simmons’ position as the two and three wingmen. No one in Guangzhou has matched up with him, no matter zhu Mingzhen or Tian Yuheng, it is completely impossible to prevent.Simmons had 13 points in the first half, and his minutes were already close to Felder’s.Chen scored 13 points, but with Chen playing almost half the court and consistently shooting extreme shots, it was clear that this team had limited talent on the offensive end.They had a full bow in the first half.But shanxi team is obviously still calm.Because the first half of the best defense Chen Yingjun Zhou Zhandong was not used too much guidance by Yang Xuezeng.After the half, After Chen Yingjun’s final buzzer, Shanxi still took a 51:46 lead.Zheng Zhun with 4 fouls into the second half, it means that Guangzhou inside has been declining.And when Zhu Mingzhen left the court for treatment, Guangzhou could only replace the fourth guo Kai who had just come off again, we can understand guo Shiqiang’s lack of money to guide no one available.And Yang Xuezeng guidance is more calm, the second section of Zhou Zhandong and Simmons have become a surprise, Simmons is to solve the attack, Zhou Zhandong is to solve the defense.This kind of personnel thickness, Guo Shiqiang guidance can only be envy envy.To be able to take an underachiever like Guangzhou to the playoffs for the second consecutive season is a huge success under Guo’s guidance.Fourth, the third quarter of the game, Zheng Zhun began to get the fifth offense, Guangzhou team has been losing.The third quarter of the game opened, Zheng Jun defense Ge Zhaobao foul, received the fifth individual to leave the field.Zheng Zhun this guangzhou team inside the first strong point of departure, brought a series of chain reaction.First, Guangzhou team for Shanxi big inside defense out of control, because the replacement of Li Yanzhe soon zhang Ning and Field shanxi outside the focus of the attack.Second, the loss of Zheng Zhun outside threat, Shanxi team for Chen Yingjun’s defense will certainly have nothing to fear.Third, Guangzhou’s attack will certainly stall.In fact, everything that happened later quickly confirmed all this, Shanxi played inside and out, while Guangzhou did not score in the half of the movement, the two sides quickly widened the gap by double digits.Guangzhou team’s bitter support, give us the biggest feeling is that they really have been a spent force, the only suspense of the game only left guangzhou team crash will come at what time.And at the end of the third quarter Simmons appeared, in both ends of the offensive and defensive output, after three quarters, Simmons scored 23 points, the two teams point gap widened to 20 points, the suspense completely ended.The fourth quarter becomes garbage time.After a lapse of 10 years, shanxi team once again into the CBA playoff eight.Simmons 34 points, no solution, man of the game.Felder 13 points, clearly overexcited.Leaf did his best with 19 points and 13 rebounds.Chen Yingjun 21 points, clearly overdrawn.Five, how we sum up the series.In fact, in my personal opinion, the third game would not happen at all, normally, with the strength shanxi team showed in this game.Moreover, without Guo shiqiang’s guidance, Guangzhou would not even have made the playoffs.Whether last season because of the rivers or this season because of their own playoff, Guo shiqiang’s guidance is indeed excellent work.Shanxi is the same, this season’s Shanxi men’s basketball team, after losing Ren Junwei, Franklin and Liu Guancen at the beginning of the season, has become a pure output team.Looking back, they were significantly more effective in signing Felder and Simmons than they were last season with franklin and Moreland.This team really needs good outside help.And Zhang Chunjun’s arrival, for the shanxi team’s three four defense is completely immediate.From Zhang Chunjun’s performance, we can see that shanxi fans’ criticism of Yang Xuemeng’s inability to defend is completely out of nowhere.And from this round of series, we obviously see is that the Shanxi team still can’t defend, this team has been living in the coach frequent changes in the team, obviously has made players at a loss.Obviously, shanxi’s hope is still next season.On the one hand, this team still needs personnel.On the other hand, shanxi team eight into four opponents is liaoning.For Liaoning, they need to settle their regular season scores with Felder.Liaoning is sure to sweep Shanxi in two games without mercy.Next season, shanxi team still needs to strengthen their own native back – field introduction.