How do you make yourself better and more fit in the world?These words mean a lot to you

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A penny for a pound.In life, people tend to be prone to some small interests by the trend, even if these small interests can not change your life, but when seeing others are scrambling for this, I can’t help but join the ranks of scrambling.In fact, when faced with the problem of such interests, as long as I think more about why, what on earth am I fighting for, is to tend to the public, face, improve life……And then think about the negative consequences of getting it.In this way, to avoid penny wise and pound foolish.To let the world love you, you have to learn to love the world.Before you want to be loved, ask yourself if you feel the same, understand and love the other person.It’s human nature to take, but when you take without feedback, you’re squeezing other people’s feelings.Such a relationship will not last, nor will it be genuine.Don’t always think that because others have more than you, they are happier than you.Count your possessions. You might be rich, too.People always think that what others have is better than their own, and usually only pay more attention to the wealth and enjoyment of others, preferring to compare with others what they do not have.In fact, most of the time, what you have may be what he wants to leave behind.Learn to look more at their own good, happy side, so that life will be more comfortable at ease.After all, life is your own, after all, envy to others, will not adapt to the soil.As the saying goes, the tongue is to cut the body knife, to learn to hide the tongue shut up, so as not to bring harm to the body.In life, there are too many examples of bad things coming out of the mouth.Most of the time, some words do not know their inexplicable face said out, they also know wrong, but calm speed always can not keep up with their mouth.In fact, this and their usual habits, but also with their own self-cultivation.Develop good habits, learn to listen to others first, learn to be silent, learn to suppress their own emotions.Mechanism can not calculate all, show their wisdom to know the right amount.There are a lot of smart people in this society, and I don’t know how many are smarter than you.Most of the time, everywhere show their smart, in fact, is a stupid performance.To understand that men are seldom confused.It is not that one should really be confused, but that one should learn to act confused.In history, people who think they are wise rarely have a happy ending, while people who think they are stupid often die.Losing your promise is a very terrible thing, and it may be the corrosive agent of your personality collapse.Therefore, do not easily make their uncertain or impossible promises, after all, we all understand the value of keeping our word, a tower fermentation, like a flood beast.Made a promise, it is necessary to think of ways to honor, after all, the promise is not a joke, others really will take it seriously.Turn yourself into a candy, and the world you meet will be sweet.How to get along with people, in fact, the most important thing is to understand how to let others feel that you give her the feeling is very comfortable.As you are, so are the world you encounter, and as you complain, it seems that the world is squeezing you.Therefore, learn to turn yourself into a candy, sweet yourself first, to sweet others.Let yourself become what you want to attract.So we must learn to grasp the “poles” of change, grasp the “degree” of words and deeds.Things often reach a peak, to learn to step back to hide themselves, after all, tall trees catch wind.We usually say that one can go one step further, but one step further is usually broken into pieces.Yin and Yang gossip, I Ching and historical figures or events, all illustrate this truth.Only by improving your cultivation and interest can you make good friends.Many people always envy other people’s friends is how good, and their so-called friends are always unreliable.In fact, this is all due to their own reasons, you associate with friends, is a part of your heart or consciousness, your friends are in fact you use these consciousness and mind to screen the results.They’re just a part of you, subconsciously.Pursue your dreams while keeping your reality in mind.A lot of people say that they should strive for their ideals, but then they lose everything and cling to it.In fact, this is not good.Ideal is important, but also to consider the actual conditions and their own quality.Ideal is too big and unrealistic, in the end will only hurt themselves, even their close people.In fact, can not be a scientist, step back, do a top laborer is also a kind of honor.How many meters under a big pot, oneself also want to have a fixed number.