28 yuan per person!Sichuan will be coronavirus nucleic acid testing project to reduce the price to do morning reading | sichuan province

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Everybody is good!Today is Thursday, April 7th, welcome to Sichuan morning Reading!2 minutes a day, let you know more about Sichuan.Weather early know Sichuan morning reading ○ single 28 yuan each!The price of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid tests in Sichuan has been further lowered. The pre-sale period of railway tickets has been temporarily adjusted to five days from April 7.Strict cleaning for primary and secondary school students of all kinds of competition activities – April 8, midnight Chengdu start ozone heavy pollution weather yellow warning limit time is not affected text single person 28 yuan each time!On April 6th, Sichuan Provincial Medical Security Bureau issued the Notice on Adjusting the Price of Novel Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Test again. The price of “Qualitative Test of Pathogen RNA Amplification – Novel Coronavirus” (i.e. single test of coronavirus) in provincial public medical institutions was reduced to RMB 28 per person.The project name of “Qualitative Detection of Pathogen RNA Amplification – Novel Coronavirus (5 mixed Coronavirus)” has been changed to “Qualitative Detection of Pathogen RNA Amplification – Novel Coronavirus (Mixed Coronavirus)”. The project code remains unchanged and the project price has been adjusted to RMB 8 / person.The item “Qualitative Detection of Pathogen RNA Amplification – Novel Coronavirus (10 Mixed 1)” is abolished.The policy will be officially implemented in the province from April 7, 2022.According to China Railway, in order to further implement epidemic prevention and control measures and cooperate with local governments in epidemic prevention and control, railway authorities have decided to temporarily adjust the pre-sale period of railway tickets to five days (including the same day) from April 7, 2022, and the resumption date will be further notice.At the same time, according to the situation of passengers buying tickets, the dynamic and flexible arrangement of transport capacity, accurate to meet the needs of passengers.(Issued by Sichuan) Epidemic prevention and control inspection points have been set up at all expressway exits in Sichuan!According to the sixth Branch of Sichuan Expressway Public Security Bureau, epidemic prevention and control inspection points have been set up outside the exits of all expressway toll stations in Sichuan to check the health codes, travel cards and other information of all people in vehicles leaving the station.First screen (news) in sichuan province four departments issued notice: strict clean up all kinds of competition for primary and middle school students province education department, provincial party committee, provincial department and market supervision department jointly issued the notice about forwarding, clear strict cleaning for primary and middle school students of all kinds of competitions, without approval or on the basis of the lack of competition activities are stopped.At the same time, we will strictly regulate the behavior of primary and secondary schools in running schools.”The results of various competitions shall not be used as the basis or reference for admission, transfer or class placement;Do not register, receive primary and secondary school students competition or grade certification materials (including copies);Students should not be required to fill in the competition or grade certificate information.”(chengdu daily news), jin view on April 8, chengdu zero start ozone pollution weather yellow warning Restrictions of time is not affected, according to the atmosphere, water, soil of chengdu “3 big battle” office, April 6, according to the prediction of air quality, April 9, chengdu has a moderate or above ozone pollution risks, and which will last for 3 days or more,According to the Emergency Plan for Severe ozone Pollution in Chengdu (2021 edition), Chengdu decided to start a yellow alert for severe ozone pollution at midnight on April 8.It is worth noting that the time limit of the tail number of motor vehicles is not affected by the weather warning of heavy ozone pollution.(Yang Luqi)