The misery of manufacturing

2022-05-31 0 By

The weather was fine on March 15, 2022. We went to the customer for a review yesterday. It was just a few days ago that the mold of the injection material should be replaced, and the ABS of the material should be changed into PP.If changed to PP material, the product will become soft and difficult to top out. About this product, several thimbles are added as shown in Figure 2 below.The most difficult problem is the deformation problem scheme one.According to the detection of existing products, the deformation of products is measured, and the local modulus of the mold is changed (the size of PP material will be different).As for the above plan, plan 1 and Plan 2 are combined, but Plan 1 needs to test product data, which is difficult to do. It is difficult to reverse the mold data. Have you ever done this?Besides, now the product data is not accurate ah, how to do?And through discussion, we can use Moldflow software for deformation analysis, deformation data model, according to the theoretical data of 1/2 of the digital inverse deformation design, to describe the change curve, which is more difficult than product design, I am mold design ah, mold can do so?Have you ever had one like this?Ask for help but this product is unilateral latent point enters glue, the deformation of product four sides is different, how to do?The chart below is too hard